Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Markom, Normala and Tenang

After Normala Sudirman was announced as the candidate for the Tenang by-election, the education department intended to move her headmaster husband down south to Johor Bahru (200 km away from Segamat). They were wondering why now when the by-election is around the corner. The first impression is obviously about the party they support. But the department's excuse is about failure to control Normala , for what really? When the couple told the education department that they would hold a news conference or report to the MACC, the Johor Education department backed down. -  Strike One

And the education department director was caught on video speaking to schools in Segamat to organize programs, and mustering support for government (BN of course) and of course categorizing which schools in Segamat under green or blue. Though he tried to deny it, it is already too late. For it is said that this is a misused of privilege to campaign for a political party. - Strike Two

School counsellors were asked to visit houses of parents as an insidious way to see which parent supports which party and so forth. In fact out of those series of events, Markom Giran has two strikes. This is Strike Three.

If this is not Malaysia, Giran would have been fired from the job. And this video is definitely going to make its rounds in Tenang by PR if those taboo words still remain in force. You know what taboo words that I am referring to, right?

This means BN got caught with the pants down on this moment.

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