Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, We Forget That Easily

"Malays forget easily", as what Dr. Mahathir lamented in the 2001 UMNO General Assembly when he noticed that despite all the help and advantages given to the Malay community, they still failed to stand up the respectable level and that should be of par with the other community. Perhaps it is the complacency from given tons of leverages and advantages and unwillingness to show the zeal and example of the Chinese who managed to get past the disadvantages on their own way that makes them a race that fell behind the others. The Confuciunism concept of fishing by yourself after being taught to fish to feed oneself could not be applied to them. 

I suppose this is why they still remain behind after more than 50 years of independence. Perhaps a few adjectives of what Hishamuddin Rais would describe apply to this context: lazy, complacent, fearful, etc... If the adjectives doesn't make sense, just watch all his videos on Youtube as to get the picture of what I'm talking about.

UMNO is dragging the royalty into politics for their own purposes. Look at what happened to Perak. I was always certain that Sultan Azlan was dragged into the politics cesspool, held at leverage point by UMNO and had to do contradict his own principles for the sake of keeping the royal family safe. Likewise, this is similar to the Selangor situation. They are hoping to bank on Khusrin to screw up the administration as what Abdul Rahman Hashim did in Perak and in the process, drag the Sultan into the mess. I was certain that I have an answer to why these politkus from the mob group are relying nowadays with the royalty, whereas their UMNO themselves removed the royalty immunity in the 1993 crisis.

Note: The 18 January 1993 Hansard featuring Dr. M's speech on immunity removal is available on archive here.

The crisis started because of the conduct of the royals themselves. The 1992 assault on the late Douglas Gomez by the late Sultan of Johor was the last straw of all. Crimes that the royals are immune too at that time is somewhat unfair to those who have been victimized. Which was the reason of the removal. And with that removal, it can be seen from one point of view, that a layman / or a common person can go and sue against the royalty if there is a valid reason for misconduct on their side.

Sounds like more hypocrisy that if BN acts like that manner, but if Pakatan decides to act (given that law is after the 1993 amendment) against a royal on that misconduct, BN would scream and rant like a wild dog or something and they started ranting about bringing back royal immunity. It is not a crazy thing to do. This is because, most BN men, who enjoy economics and gains from patronage style starts to lose a lot of money from that means when if a Pakatan government rules the state. Selangor is the cash cow for the national reserves. The royalty is seen by some as the barrier to protect their own economic interests.

Today, Nizar warned of waning Malay support to the Selangor state govenment by disputing the appointment of Khusrin, the present Pakatan Selangor is risked being branded as a traitor and undermining the royalty. However, this is what UMNO and the Malay presses want. They are hoping to hoodwinked the Malay community by saying bullshit: that anyone who challenges United Malays National Organisation (who claims to monopolize Malay) is a traitor to the religion, royalty. Disputing and challenging royalty is nothing new. 

But haven't they forgotten themselves that they did that before, way long back but forgotten? Melayu mudah lupa, right?

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