Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snub By Their Fellow Partymen

Note: This is also considered as part 4 of the UMNO general assembly commentary.

Last week, Khairy has decided that if there is a snap election coming soon, he decided not to defend his current Rembau seat. Everyone knows that his influence waned after his father-in-law Abdullah Badawi got kicked out office. Even if he happens to be the UMNO Youth Chief, he was not given a ministerial post at all, in favor of Mukhriz. Many feared of his influence again, especially, those who are in the Mahathir camp knew how influential can he be with the 4th-floor boys and some other known associates of his including Kalimullah Hassan.

Lately, there has been some suspicion that Khairy was involved or shall we say that he had a hand in the Alcatel case kickbacks, which mentions of two consultants (one is said to be him) receiving a significant amount of RM 700K in total from Alcatel. Note: this was noted in the Department of Justice trial vs Alcatel recently.  This is one suspiscion. Another one is being of someone also recently said that Khairy, and a few other people were involved in monies amounting to RM152 billion of offshore money stashed outside in Indonesia that is to bring back in about dozens of boxes, and it includes monies belonging to Daim Zainuddin (the RM 1000 and RM 500 notes) . To sum thing short, it might be to avoid risking going to jail over that, Khairy was advised to take time off from everything, as it theorized by some other bloggers as well.

But the alleged conduct above is not what I want to say, but it could be discussed in sometime later or so.

When Khairy decided to take a break as was reported last week, one of the things that I felt that could be attributed to his decision is of course of the saying "snubbed by their own kind". And this clearly puts be back to the story at the UMNO general assembly at the end of October. It was said that even though Khairy gave a speech worth of his two cents to be considered by other UMNO youth members. Reaction was not that very exciting. But when Reezal Merican's speech was delivered, the UMNO youth crowd there roared with approval. This goes the same as in Najib's. When Najib tries to speak about 1Malaysia, ETP, as what Dr. Mahathir said before, not many get the idea or fully understand his short form concepts. In fact, there are too many alphabets to be juggled, e.g...NKRA, ETP, NEM, all this kind of things that makes people confused as well. The audience there are not warm to liberalising the national economy, particularly if you have members who are also PERKASA members as well. But when Najib sings the tune of defending Putrajaya, even at the cost of lives lost, bones crushed, etc.. UMNO roared in excitement. The members there agreed...

(Note: compare what Khairy said and Reezal said. Quite contrasting isn't it)

So what does that mean to both Khairy and Najib there? It means that if they are trying to sing their tune to the others to follow suite, they get snubbed. On the other hand, the hard-line hawkish approached tune is what the grassroot members would accept. And of course the tune would contain the Ketuanan Melayu chords woven into it. We can say that no one wanted to listen to one person's tune only, right?

As RPK said recently in "Suck your way up to the ladder", an UMNO man has to be 30:70, being 30 percent loyal to party, 70 percent loyal to the leader in order climb up the party hierarchy ladder. If they try to be 100 percent loyal to party, chances of promotion are low. Shahrir Samad was one of those, RPK cited, who fall under that category of living and dying in UMNO. Ku Li is also another prominent figure. In the context above, Ku Li thought by becoming the party leader after Abdullah was kicked out, he could reform the party from within. But in terms of nomination, he got snubbed everywhere by the division leaders in favor of Najib. People at times asked him, why not go to other parties because of that. But surely, Ku Li would not do that because of the "living and dying in UMNO" thing. There are other few people from UMNO too whom I have met that share the same thing. 100% loyalty to the party. 

Aspan (another of the 100% man, whom matches the description above), recently wrote two - expect lot of teh tarik sessions among those who snub the other members and got kicked out in the end (e.g, I snubbed Mr. A because his views, though best, is not in party trend, etc). I grinned, when Aspan wrote this at the end:
Kepada pemimpin yang akan turun jika kalah dalam PRU nanti silalah, saudara saudara boleh berkawan dengan saya. Kita jumpa dikedai-kedai kopi mamak dimana-mana yang dekat dengan rumah saya. Saya tunggu. 
Yes, these machos will have to be ready for drinking in sorrows thing. Snubbing thing is somewhat shows how blind can some people be. Maybe if silence can mean of letting these people fall into the problem mire and you sarcastically say to them, "I told you so." 

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