Thursday, January 20, 2011

More By-Elections Ahead?

As mentioned yesterday, the Port Klang seat was declared vacant by the state Speaker as the representative who went out of PKR Badrul Hisham has failed to attend any sitting in the space of six months, as according to the official attendance records in the State Assembly. The failure to attend resulting in vacancy has been defined clearly in the state Constitution and of course we are likely to see more election fever in the space of one month.

And as reported by Malaysiakini, it seems that the Merlimau state assemblyman is in critical condition -  a weak heart condition to say. If things get to worse, it seems that there is going to be another one in February.

Because the 3 year post-election rule is not over yet, there is still more by-elections to be coming in the next 6 to 7 weeks. And man, in this by-election fever, we have seen people making good money from property rental, setting up temporary stalls and of course more public enforcement manpower crowding over one place.

And of course, there is "offering" thing that BN would want to go ahead days before the nomination period.

But the by-election fever until to this day could not stand as great as in Permatang Pauh or in Bukit Gantang.

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