Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indirectly Squabbling Among Themselves?

Someone naive asked today, of a group with a traffic light colour flag at the azan case in Pantai Dalam. That flag is obviously belonging to the PEKIDA group, a definite cell under UMNO. It's just in the similar capacity like PERKASA, except in the past few months, PERKASA is more active than them - well, if you can count how many times Ibrahim Ali's party is mentioned in the news, paper or online.

It's just like Sinn Fein and IRA. If UMNO is Sinn Fein, then the IRA, the military wing is as PEKIDA.

PEKIDA also made some headlines in two cases, for example the Ijok by-election in 2007, the Muslim conversion discussion forum at the Bar Council office in December 2007 and the sort of things. But as the original objective mentioned is to form the first line of defence if another May 13 riots happen again. They are obviously trying to provoke another Ops Lalang again. But people are gradually wisen up to this and are wary of a repeat, so at least there's some sort of watching up happening now.

Anyway, the next day after that this MCA VP broke silence about regulating volumes for the azan. Miss Gan should have done it way....back earlier before those bunch of jokers started to scream at Teresa Kok over the same matter. If you can see the phrase "Breaking MCA’s silence on the issue" it clearly stated that MCA should have way back in the beginning have the guts to tell the big boss, UMNO about this problem. Well, discounting the "religion factor" out of it, what would old citizens or the sick people in particular would feel if the prayers blare out loud in the morning in particular? There is nothing great to show about by blaring it out, so long as if Muslim people perform their daily duty of prayer. This is not the problem.

When MCA starts talking about, it, people from PMO, e.g Jamil said "please don't politicize this issue". It gives an impression of "hey, shut up, turn away" at all costs to its party partner. Taking this as an example, how come MCA and MIC, have the guts to stand up and check up with UMNO in some matters? Sometimes, an argument is necessary to drill the point into the big boss' mind. I don't really think that MCA has improved much from way back and they are still stuck at one square with OTK voted out last time. 

From what Miss Gan's questioning above, even Barisan Nasional has their own squabbling. But the problem solving approach that BN takes above is more the follow big boss thing, even if the boss is wrong. 

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