Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Selangor: It Takes Another 6 To Amend

There are no prizes from today's event. Everything was anticipated. There was no two-thirds required to amend article 52 of the Selangor State constitution. That is simply because PR does not have the numbers to reach the 2/3rd quota of 38 assemblymen or more. It was 34 PR assemblymen vs 20 BN assemblymen. But the outcome of this event is that this has showed that there is a need and awareness by the people to return the power back to the people.

Calling it a politically motivated move by BN, it is actually and all's fair and square idea to both sides in the future. It is also a win-win case, simply because the Sultan, as part of the formalities in appointing the three officials related to this matter, can have a much better say with a Menteri Besar in deciding who is much more caliber in running those three posts, rather than having the Public Services commission shoving the list of decided names right into the face. 

If the BN happens to be in PR's shoes in future, they do too stand to benefit from that amendment as well. Why would you want to take an idiot recommended to become a State Secretary if those recommendations from the PSC are all those bullshit people whereas your pool of people are more better than them?

It is also viable to say that it is a moral victory for Selangorians, and following today's event, it actually gives more ammunition for Barisan Nasional to get whacked. Ammunition, that I can list from including:

1. It means from today onwards, BN cannot simply scream of "kedaulatan Raja-Raja anymore" and thus revealing their hypocrisy of championing the Malay race. They keep screaming PR menderhaka and so forth, but it looks that they are lying in their teeth. 

2. It means that they are hypocrites from the beginning and are clearly not willing to return real power to people.

3. Out of the 20 BN assemblymen present, there are two MCA assemblymen there, one from Kuala Kubu Bahru and another from Sungai Pelek. With these two among the rest of the UMNO men, surely if the head says must, then the others will have to follow. If UMNO says Ketuanan Melayu, then the others will have to follow. Sounds like Machai, isn't it? If they are on their personal view, will they actually support it or not? Remember the saying of the double-whammy - even if you vote for MCA, you still vote for UMNO and Ketuanan Melayu indirectly!

4. PR would definitely use that BN's unwillingness in the Tenang campaign thing.

According to the house rules, a defeated proposal to amendment of state Constitution can't proceed for second reading unless there is a 2/3rd majority of votes. This means you need another at least 3 more assemblymen to vote for that proposal. MCA could have done that if by their conscience, but that is tantamount to betraying Barisan Nasional. UMNO won't do that because it violates their party agenda and stand, so as what my friend Aspan said earlier:

Jika rakyat Selangor masih mahukan pindaan itu, ianya mestilah diusulkan didalam Dewan Undangan penggal yang akan datang. Seandainya rakyat Selangor serius untuk perubahan itu maka mereka terpaksa berusaha menambah sekurang-kurangnya 3 kerusi tambahan lagi semasa pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Usaha kerajaan Selangor menambah bilangan kerusi didalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor itu memerlukan ketabahan dan usaha yang gigih. Kata orang tua-tua, 'kalau tak dipecahkan ruyungnya, mana kan dapat sagunya'. Kejayaan akan hanya diberikan tuhan kepada pihak yang berusaha keras

If the people of Selangor wants to see that amendment happen, the people will need to kick and replace 6 BN assemblymen (to be on safe side) out via elections next round in addition to having the same set of PR assemblymen available. Of course, among the 6 of them 2 of them would be those MCA men mentioned above. And the other three to four will have to be from UMNO of course.

1. New opposition leader Satim Diman won the 2008 Sri Serdang seat by a skin of teeth of 45 people. Where it those 50 to 100 votes swing to the PR candidate, he would have been out.
2. The Sabak Bernam areas (Sungai Ayer Tawar and Sabak) were won by a very thin margin of 120 people average in both areas. Had there been more people voting, it could be both UMNO men kicked out.
3. Morib won by a 286 votes - pretty razor thin of course....

If Port Klang has a better more competent representative rather than Badrul Hisham, it could also count to having one more vote, right?  But everyone knows Badrul - less than a week after winning - was seen mingling with the wrong group.

So what now for Selangor? As what some civil society NGOs said, they need to be constantly on a high awareness of this thing and what they need to do to avoid the ill fate of Perak. As what Nizar described on Sunday, Najib and UMNO is playing King Kong and hypocrisy.With that event above, you can't play the hypocrisy game already.

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