Monday, January 17, 2011

New and Demented Ways To Cheat In Election!

Everybody strongly disagreed with the crazy idea by the Election Commission to have a proxy voting. The concept of it is to have someone to go on your behalf to vote. It simply is too risky and too dangerous. Giving of the current situation the idea can be exploited and can be misused. I tend to believe, base on the current political scenario where the incumbent government, the UMNO mob is trying keep in power, they may have to resort to various tactics to cheat in the election game. No doubt that many perceive the Election Commissionn as the unofficial Barisan Nasional component and agent asides from the police and the MACC.

It's a good thing that everyone from the entire political divide say no to that idea. But in that situation, only the MIC and UMNO are keeping very quiet on this.

There have been cases of phantom voters that sharp-eye people would detect coming from other places to come in to vote on a polling day. The numbers never stopped from there. It keeps going and going, and doesn't stop at all. To have that system is to make things worse than the current wreck we are in.
Simply put, with the current system still deemed not clean enough by the civil society and various NGOs, we are definitely not ready for the proxy voting system. Though I clearly admit that it is being used in other countries, we are simply not mature enough yet to use this system. Gerakan is against it, many opposition parties are against it and other civil societies are against it. It would be better to stick back to having an automated registration system so that people just go in and vote. It actually saves a lot of time of people going to the EC office. To abstain from voting is also a form of democracy.

As everyday goes, there have been new and demented ways BN to cheat and win the election game because they are facing the writing on the wall that they might not last long like a victim of terminal cancer.

If that thing is not enough, then there is this tactic by Johor Education department man to have the husband of a candidate transferred over because of the by-election, or marking the areas as green and blue...I mean this reminded me of how government servants in Putrajaya were "diugut" by Tengku Adnan to support BN or face the sack from the job. That is a real cheat game out there, and scum like that man above know no shame just to keep themselves in power.

How long do people need to be in sleep mode before we get up to realize Malaysia has gone upside down?
How long do we need to be keep being told of a lie before we realize it is too late?
How long do we need to follow something blindly even though we realize what we do could be wrong?

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