Sunday, January 23, 2011

TEOHLOGY for Sarcasm and Laughs

Patrick invited me for the book launch today and I was there a bit early for some light lunch before I went to the launch venue. I actually had seen the cover when I was walking in a shopping mall a week before today's launch. I knew that the content is very similar to the Tapai book by Hishamuddin Rais. It is perhaps the anthology of the articles that Patrick wrote for Off The Edge Magazine in the span of 5 years from 2005-2010.

It's one of the few occasions where I managed to meet up with a famous friend of my mother's and basically, I knew his writing style, sometimes with wit, humor and sarcasm, Malaysia-style even when I read some of his writings of his Niamah blog.. Well, this was evident way before I started reading it and by request of the audience, he read the October 2008 article about the contrast of people of Malaysia and Singapore, in view of the recent whacking of the Singapore Malays by the "senile old man" that is Madey. (short form for Mahathir) 

There a few showbiz personalities making cameos on that launch since they are well connected to Patrick. I just thought getting the book, I got it at a very special price, that I can find some laughs especially if I am in the beat down time -(read - down in emotion). So far, I only covered the first 3 pieces, but I thought a while why not let this Chinese comedian man Douglas Lim do a skit or narrate one of his articles?

I got laughing over the cover, surely it gives the "huh?" impressionism thing.

Seriously, I simply couldn't plot and arrange out my critical view on voting in Tenang by-election, due to exhaustion and the need to thought out whatever logical things to be considered - not emotional and on sentiment - by the voters there, so I thought that putting this up would at least give some cheer up.

Well, it seems that with tomorrow's Respect People of Selangor rally coupled with some other activities, I guess I would wrap up Saturday with a picture gallery of the event this afternoon. You can see some in my Facebook page here.

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