Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are We Waiting Another 50 Years For Real Justice To Happen?

Navindran, the third cop named in the Kugan beating case in Subang Jaya got off scott free on Friday. Of course, those involved in the case were not satisfied of the outcome. There is a witness statement saying that Navindran beating Kugan in the police lockup there. 

There were two other police officers involved. Two others are Malay officers. But it's Gani Patail that said only Navindran was accused of torturing Kugan.

Is there a problem of not prosecuting the other two officers involved? 

Is it because that will make some groups of people very angry the moment they are hauled in the court out of making this issue racism that a Malay beat an Indian? 

Will it take 50 years like in the past only to declare a dead person innocent of all crimes?

Colin Ross, the first person falsely sentenced to death in Australia was declared innocent 100 years later.
Joan of Arc was declared innocent of alleged heresy and witchcraft approximately 30 years after being burnt at stake.
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter - a boxer was declared innocent after 20 years plus after being framed for murder.
Napoleon was proven to be poisoned with arsenic by the English in his exile in St. Helena nearly 200 years after his death.

If real justice takes shape 50 years after that happen, then it is too late for people to find out. Some of us at that time may no longer be alive on earth to see it happen? Why do we need to wait that long to find out? With all that modern technology to help improve investigation processes, that shouldn't take that really long? Are those in the corridors of power or belonging to the big mob group in real fear over invert surveillance at themselves? Is paranoia driving them to behave crazily?

We all don't like to wait that too long, aren't we all? 

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