Friday, January 14, 2011

This Is Where Old Men Get Bash Up

A lot of beans involving sex of BN politicians got spilled recently. For example, the alleged "maid rape" finger-pointing at Rais Yatim, Jamalluddin Jarjis' groped a waitress at Le Meridien, Pornstar Chua's sex in the hotel room and so on - those are a few instances that caught BN by the pants down largely due some "own surveillance" work by normal citizens and the online community.

In fact, the citizens own brand of surveillance over Barisan Nasional's mismanagement has contributed to their uncustomary losses in the 2008 GE. And then, the tons of exposure on Taib Mahmud's mismanagement and abuse of wealth is driving most of these old men bonkers.

And of course it is no strange that these old men, e.g Rais Yatim, Hishamuddin, and Nazri are about to announce a series of guidelines pertaining to the definition of "online sedition".  Only at the feudal age. Until we get to hear what defines as "online sedition", we can first of all say that it is tantamount to online censorship.

There have been several attempts to introduce online censorship, e.g Green Filter, bloggers registration and classification, online monitoring of Wikileaks by Foreign ministry and other silly stupid things that Barisan Nasional would do, but whenever they open the mouth on that, people would bashed the old men who would suggest such a thing. For instance, last year, the old man by the name of Rais Yatim gets bashed left and right over Facebook, Twitter control. Many believed even in the capacity as the Minister of Communications, he doesn't even know how to use e-mail at all.

Yes, the government is very nervous over the Wikileaks and many of the alleged exposures of malpractices by the online community. They said that it is a lie., but if you study the pattern, the obvious trend is "if they say that is a lie, then it is actually true.". Translate that into a scenario: if politician A says that he has not heard nor received a military report on case X, that means, he actually heard and received it. Many exposures, including the soon to be released 1000 plus documents by Wikileaks on Malaysia is going to embarass Barisan Nasional, and they need to stop the damage via a few measures, online sedition is being one of the sinister things to see soon. If you think exposures like in Malaysia Today is as hallucinogen, think Wikileaks as hallucinogenic 5 times stronger

Don't forget that Britain, who once introduced the Sedition act previously, had abolished it themselves, in place of Freedom of Information Act, where any exposure is treated as something that needs to be investigated by the police and Scotland Yard in particular. Sedition Act is 63 years old. Time to go...but we're still seeing elements of neo-Feudalism here. 

Whatever these old men are doing is not going to go well with the online community. If misused by them, it is equivalent to privacy invasion. If there is solid proof of misconduct by politician exposed, they would shut you up a.l.a gangster style. If that happens, but politicians committing sex, isn't that banning what is legit while allowing what is wrong?

According to Hishammuddin, six existing laws will be incorporated into the guidelines - the Penal Code, Sedition Act 1948, Film Censorship Act 2001, Printing and Printing Publishes Act 1984, Multimedia and Communications Act 1998 and the Internal Security Act 1960. He said, “Offences will be charged under these six laws”.   - Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

Say 5000 people do the same thing. That same thing falls under the those 6 laws. Are you going to send 5000 people who carry commit non-passion crimes like those to prison? Doesn't that sound like sending people into prison for just owning a copy of a book the government doesn't like? Well, this is coming very ugly in terms of people's privacy. Gomen is starting to get busy body, gawking at every single one of get ready...
And that is where there is no country for old men like those. That is where old men get bashed up by the world.

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