Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surely This is The Answer!

Surely this is the answer to Beng Hock's murder! What does this alternate view picture tell you?

They said that Beng Hock was still sleeping around at 6 am. The said that he died around 7.15 am - 11.15 am.

But look at the tear in the pants. What does it tell you?

Let me tell my perspective here.

It seems that some MACC people were still unhappy with Beng Hock's answers over to their questions.  They were thinking of resuming the session after his nap on the couch. There were some bad apples involved in the investigation wanted him to simply finger any PR Selangor assemblyman. They were thinking with the kind of "I don't know look" facial expression, Beng Hock is lying in the teeth. So some yahoo man suggested a drastic way to make him talk. They intimidated him in the way of having 2-3 men dragging him off and threaten to drop his ass of the building unless Beng Hock gives a name. And this is at the 14th floor.

Beng Hock absolutely has no idea at all. They were trying to drop him to see if they can get an answer from him. 

But the stunt pulled by those officers went wrong. The pants started to tear. They could not have a proper grip to pull Beng Hock back. They were too late, and Beng Hock fell to his death. Horrified at the stunt going wrong, they had to cover up many things - fingerprints, mess, footprints, etc.. to avoid being implicated in future.

You don't need to be a genius to say that. You just have to use your brain very hard. So that mystery letter that surfaced in August 2009 plays a part of this. This should solve the Beng Hock mystery. Why go for the RI when simple thinking and analysis could answer everything that has been paid for the coroner inquest or the royal commission. Third degree interrogation tactics used by MACC to interrogate people? Yes, it happened!

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