Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The UMNO Boogeyman Games in Tenang Has Begun!

According to Harakah, there are leaflets, indirectly pointing to UMNO that has been circulating around the town of Tenang, ahead of the nomination on 22 January that obviously contains the cliche elements of fear at the voters. The leaflets, obviously said that DAP is anti-Islam will ban azans, PAS politics are bad and so forth. The circulation of these leaflets obviously would start at first at FELDA areas in that district because FELDA forms part of the 42 percentage of total voters in Tenang.

Unfortunately, I could not find an English version of this piece, so I would provide you an excerpt here, the rest is from the Harakah Malay version link.

Risalah tidak bertuan yang mula tersebar di Dewan Undangan Negeri (Dun) Tenang bertujuan mempengaruhi pengundi Melayu, dakwa Ketua Pemuda PAS Johor, Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil.

Beliau berkata, pihaknya ada melihat risalah berbentuk buku kecil bertajuk DAP anti-Islam dan 'Khawarij dan Politik PAS' itu namun belum terserempak dengan individu yang melakukan penyebaran itu.

"Sekarang ini dah mula banyak risalah tidak bertuan mula disebarkan di Felda dan nampaknya risalah tu lebih kepada nak mempengaruhi pengundi Melayu.

"Banyak risalah yang kita jumpa telah diedarkan yang ditinggalkan di kedai-kedai makan, bukan sedang diedarkan. Jadi kita tidak boleh tuduh sesiapa sebab tak ada nama," katanya ketika dihubungi Harakahdaily hari ini.

Menurut beliau, yang merupakan Pengarah Keselamatan Pemuda PAS negeri, pihaknya tidak akan teragak-agak membawa perkara itu kepada pihak polis sekiranya menjumpai individu yang melakukan perbuatan itu.

"Kita minta unit keselamatan pemuda, sekiranya menjumpai risalah yang disebarkan, kita ambil dan buang.
"Kalau kita jumpa mana-mana pihak yang menyebar risalah ini kita tidak akan teragak-agak untuk bawa mereka kepada pihak polis kerana risalah ini lebih kepada menyampaikan fitnah kepada masyarakat," katanya.

Ujarnya, kemunculan risalah-risalah fitnah ini lebih wajar diberi perhatian berbanding menuduh PAS mula turun berkempen.

"Dalam media Umno BN tuduh PAS mula berkempen. Memang kita turun tapi atas nama parti ataupun organisasi seperti melancarkan jentera pilihan raya dan sebagainya. Itu perkara biasa.

"Tapi ada pihak yang turun tanpa menamakan diri mereka siapa dan mengedarkan risalah. Ini satu kempen yang tidak sihat," katanya.

Sebelum ini, sebuah portal berita melaporkan Pengerusi Majlis Pimpinan Negeri PKR Johor, Datuk Chua Jui Meng mendedahkan penyebaran risalah fitnah ini di sekitar Dun Tenang.

Risalah DAP anti Islam mengandungi nota yang bertulis DAP akan mengharamkan azan, majlis maulidur rasul dan sebagainya jika Pakatan Rakyat memerintah.

The police has no doubt, unknowingly and indirectly has played their part of the boogeyman game by stopping various public speeches by Anwar and PR. Sure, whenever Anwar starts to talk, the police would come in. Of course, these people had to obey orders from the superiors otherwise, they would find themselves in disciplinary investigations and punishments for insubordination. My gut feeling is that whoever the superior that handles this matter is surely taking orders from a big man who is carrying the party membership card - hand me down order that is and the saying that Anwar is too hot to handle in Tenang. FELDA communities there are very interested to hear what Anwar and PR would say because of ANAK, standing for the FELDA community rights. According to Malaysiakini, FELDA Cempelak drew about 3000 people but many got blocked by the police.

UMNO screams at Malay politicians from opposition parties for not propagating the Ketuanan Melayu concept. They call those people traitors to the Malay race, traitors to the Nation, etc. All those calling names are always the second step that they would use to scare the normal Malay citizens of the danger of losing Malay rights and so forth. But the term Malay rights never existed in Article 153! They are hoping that many, who do not have the knowledge of the Federal constitution would panic over such fear-mongering. If a politician says that, then:

a)  either the man doesn't bother to read the Federal Constitution - a LAZY thinker. OR
b)  if the man knows but says that, then he / she is trying to lie to everyone. Menipu Melayu that is.

In fact you can go out and buy a book, English or Malay version and read it for yourselves to see what they claim is true or not. Sure, every bookstore from MPH sells that at an affordable price. No way it can be too expensive for one...And of course those who would say that are those deservedly called by Singapore (in the Wikileaks thing) as incompetent politicians and people who are bankrupt of ideas.

No need for me to repeat this and I must compliment RPK for releasing a new style of presenting the audience in his No Holds Barred column: podcast. Interestingly, the podcast is in Malay and it would be nice if people get their hands on the recording and listen in plain Malay for the sake of the majority of the audience and for those who have problems in understanding English of course.

I for one for once a while would encourage people to do a little searching around the net, since broadband penetration in Malaysia has hit more than 50 percent. What people can do is to look for not politician videos, but civil society videos, e.g Hishamuddin Rais videos that do speak similar subjects in that but in Malay as to get the idea.

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