Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's 19 vs 51 Billion Worth To You?

Anwar Ibrahim said that if Pakatan were to take over the federal government by the next general election, the amount of expenditure to do the reforms mentioned in the 100 Day orange book will cost only RM 19 billion, which is only just more than 1/3rd of the amount that Najib's government claimed to do, which is at 51 billion.

This whole thing of Najib saying is crooning like what he did 3 years ago. He once said back in 2008 that if Pakatan were to reduce fuel prices (this was in reply to Anwar saying that he will reduce the fuel price by 50 sens per liter) Malaysia could go Greece, that is BANKRUPT. But here, there is a vast difference of 19 billion vs 51 billion over the same matter. Why pay 2.5 times more for things whereas you get the same quality for just 19 billion?

67 billion ringgit for ETP2, isn't that more of a waste of money with the current attitude of the government running things? And there is the putting the more Melayu over the others thing that UMNO is very obsessed about. But in the process, it alienates the rest of Malaysians and increases the rate of the brain drain going out of Malaysia. But why in the earth Najib's reformation plan costs 51 billion? Isn't the Najib method going to risk higher chance of bankruptcy, from what it seems to describe of?

Simple, there are consultant fees included in it. And there's the kickback money calculated. What kickbacks mean is that the return of investment money covered altogether from the start, instead of waiting for the monies to come in once the projects have been completed or so. These kickbacks are ultimately borne by the citizens themselves. Remember there was a saying that a child upon birth owes the nation RM14 K based on the current national debt. When Najib said that children and grandchildren's future will be in jeopardy if PR rules, it is also a double-edge sword. It also implies that BN, with this state is not able to handle and manage the country well. 

And to this day, there are still bulk of people still yet to awake from the dreamland. There is the need to give them the wake up kick as to realize. Sarawak is in trouble because of a similar Project M type as in Sabah. And if we all don't wake up, you can forget about better Malaysia in 20 years time. All because we were too stupid to follow.

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