Friday, January 7, 2011

Did That Inquest Miss This Smoking Gun?

Another open verdict - just the same as the Gunasegaran case, but the high-profile Teoh Beng Hock case thing. But the level of comedy of the inquest didn't go to more comedic proportions of course, since suicide was definitely ruled out. But I was unhappy when the coroner declared that there was insufficient evidence to say that Teoh's death was due to homicide. 

This of course has triggered agony from the victim's family and the need to establish a royal commission. But it came at a very snail pace - close to 18 months after Beng Hock's death or so. In fact, the is actually no need for double duty. All can be solved if they are fast enough. And as the Bar council said: the inquest ended up being meaningless!

While going through the news items related to the outcome of the inquiry, I remembered that there was a document or a letter that was apparently written by some MACC officers. This thing appeared in Malaysia Today in August 2009, a month after Beng Hock's death. If this piece of evidence is added into factoring the inquest, then I surmised that Teoh's death is clearly a homicide by nature, third-degree interrogation tactics involved and an accident happened that those involved could not save Beng Hock in time from an intimidation stunt gone wrong.

Note: This excerpt page appeared in Malaysia Today, 20 August 2009,

One of the questions posed is: who is Hishamuddin Hashim mentioned in that letter? According to Utusan Borneo, he is currently the state MACC chief of Negeri Sembilan. Reported for appointment as on  18 May 2010 here. Personally, I do not think that this is a doctored letter. Why would this letter be written with a MACC letterhead above? I can think that there are at least independent-thinking MACC officers who think that the wrongs must be righted to restore the organisation's credibility. The photo above was also from that Utusan Borneo piece (actually a Foto Bernama).

I know. I know that Nazri has been asking people to "stay calm" not to speculate further in the aftermath of the inquest thing, but I was convinced that the smoking gun above actually would solve the entire puzzle and mystery to Beng Hock's death. The dead can speak to us you know. If we have seen dreams, meeting with dead ones in dreams and ask whatever question you wish to know, there is no answer, for they are forbidden to do so.

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