Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fatwa On Yoga

Religious decree on yoga exercise? Over the reason of deviating Islamic teachings?

Sadly this is not like in Indonesia where although Islam is the official religion, people are free to practice their own faiths. You can see that some Indonesians, although they are born as a Muslim, they can go and practice Christianity. It is the flexibility factor that separates between Malaysia and Indonesia in terms of practicing faith. If you remember reading our own Federal Constitution, it did not say that a person can only practice that and so on. It does say that Islam is the official religion and it did say that a citizen is free to practice other faiths of their choosing.

Yoga, though it originated from India is a form of physical and mental exercise that helps improve control over body and mind. If there is a need of breath control and so on, this is one of the few known exercises that meets the needs. Can anyone provide some info of is there any exercises originated from Islam that teaches body and mind control? Will prayers alone suffice? Many acknowledged that yoga is one of the best stress buster measures known!

The goal of yoga is never intended to put people in discarding their faiths. Instead the context of yoga exercise, its aims are: to help put in a disciplined approach at achieving a goal AND for health purpose : controlling the body and mind better. To say that it is fatwa to do yoga is somewhat a little out of context. This yoga exercise is not forced on everyone. It is a intention or no intention thing.

If the papers are quoting this joker properly, I would think for sure that this Professor Zakaria Stapa of UKM should reevaluate the perception on yoga before saying it properly. Sometimes, if this issue is blown out of proportions, the other people are not going to take kindly to bigots who tend to control other faiths. Last week, it is fatwa for tomboy attitudes, this week it's yoga exercise, then what next week?

Can't that professor think beyond the box rather than pushing for this bullshit?

Even Marina has some rants on that!


  1. Money is the dirtiest piece of paper on earth. It carries millions of germs; handled by all sorts of people you can think of; cheats, robbers, the diseased, murderers, rapists, holy people, infidels, and what have you.

    Any holy cow considering a ban on handling such despicable piece of paper?

  2. Actually Yoga is something to prepare you to DIE. Ask any really honest Yogi and Swami. It is the art of dying, of being annihilated with the awakening of the Serpent of the Spine (the Kundalini Force). It is not a neutral, non-religious breathing exercise. For once, the Muslim Authorities got it right.

    BTW, where are the photos from our night out at Finnegan's? :)

    ~ Edmund

  3. WTF(What The Fatwa) ruling are they trying to do? Gosh are we trying to follow one Aryan race back in the 1040's trying to purify itself and we know what that lead to!
    see 'On WTF Ruling'
    Hey love your blog too!


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