Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Curious Case of Anwar Sodomy II

Not good.

That's what I heard, ominous rumors from certain quarters. There is a speculation that if the trial is running clean and fair, Anwar Ibrahim will win the Sodomy II case hands down and whatever that has been planned to make sure Anwar doesn't win will go down to tatters. Or shall I say that plans by the tyrants will be ruined.

The 'tyrants' and warlords are adamant that the Sodomy II case must be transferred to the High Court, where it is believed that if successful, the case will be tried by Apandi Ali - which gives them a high chance to provide a pre-meditated guilty verdict for Anwar - following Shafee Abdullah's script written with certain members of the police force.

If you recall this piece from Malaysiakini (the Malay version that says:)
Mohamed Yusof berkata Mahkamah Sesyen, sebagai mahkamah lebih rendah, tidak mempunyai sebarang budi bicara untuk menafikan pemindahan itu.

"Dalam mengemukakan bantahan terhadap sijil yang dikeluarkan oleh pendakwa raya, peguam yang bijaksana yang mewakili Anwar adalah sama ada memohon perisytiharan bahawa sijil itu tidak sah atau menolak keputusan pendakwaan untuk memindahkan kes ke Mahkamah Tinggi," katanya dan menurutnya perkara itu terletak di bawah bidang kuasa Mahkamah Tinggi untuk mendengar atau diputuskan.
It implies that Gani Patail is telling the judge Komathy Suppiah that she has no right to say whether this case can be transferred or not. In the beginning, Komathy said that the signature is against what is assured by Dollah Badawi that Gani Patail will have no hand in this trial whatsoever.

So it seems that with those ominous rumors running around, it seems that Komathy is likely to say no to the trial being transferred to the high court, even if the decision is to be made on the 7th (that is a Tuesday). It is highly probable that Komathy's outcome will be a no no.

The outcome simply means unacceptable to the so-called 'tyrants' and (rumor has it) that it is decided that Komathy (via an instruction to Gani Patail) is to be 'transferred to the Sabah Industrial Court'. But the question is the timing. Is that going to happen after the outcome is announced on the 7th or are we seeing the change of judge by the time the 7th approaches?

Anyhow, this ominous rumour is likely to see many as Abdullah Badawi flip-flopped on his words - the countless number of times already it is happening.

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