Monday, September 15, 2008

Candlelight Vigil At Blog House

Despite being a rainy night, many people turned up at Blog House to hold vigil for Teresa and Raja Petra who still remains in ISA. I only got to know about that from Rocky's posting when I got back to my house from the city centre at around 9.00 p.m. Without delay...I went straight away there.

Each one of us is given a candle to light on and we had a three minutes of silence there. That's me with Nat above, standing in for Tony who has to man the video camera for documentation in YEW TUBE.

Notable people had given their speeches, including BAR head Ambiga, MPs Sivarasa and Wee Choo Keong. Also people who wished to express themselves are welcomed to go there. Despite having a loss of speech due to my very sore throat, I managed to give a few words or so.

When I was there, there had been a few policemen in uniforms with a few patrol cars and some Special Branch men in unmarked vehicles ordered to spy on them. However, since it is a private event, they are not allowed to come in without permission, as the law mentioned.

Many had agreed that the police had misused their resources for wrongful purposes. Instead of concentrating on catching criminals who roamed the streets, they are being ordered by the top brass or people like Botak or Wan Farid Salleh to spy on the opposition. They believe that vigils are protests (note of a different meaning) and those involved are the opposition, whereas it is mostly NGOs involved.

Haris was not allowed to be here for safety reasons. However, he told us via posting that Pete is on hunger strike again and chances are authorities are not likely to allow his lawyers or family to come in to see him. This likely will irked the royal family of Selangor and unless there is a divine intervention like change of government or the Sultan steps in or something.

If the week of 7-13 is where the dark forces hit back by arresting them in ISA, then this week we might see the conclusion of the September saga with victory over BN. Can we see the parallels as in Star Wars?

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  1. It was a tragickal/comickal weekend. The ruling government is so obviously desperate and sloppy that they are now shooting themselves by making stupid mistakes like the ISA Blitz. Meanwhile, Tian Chua and gang made their famous lawatan-sambil-belajar to Taiwan.

    Interesting times ahead, no? :)

    ~ Edmund


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