Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Snippets

Ahmad Ismail

I am little surprised that the man hit back and refused to apologize to the other races for such remarks. To some, some believed if there are people like him that continues to make remarks of 'holier than thou' nature, BN will collapse soon. It indeed lost its identity as a multi-racial party and in its place it is Pakatan Rakyat.

As mentioned, if Najib, being the party whip suspends him, there would not be such hit-back remark as it is right now. Saying such remark again means walking another further step backwards and this warrants another bullet if I am a commissar. If I am to make him taste his own medicine e.g, telling him to go back to Indonesia or Riau, this remark would warrant a lot of ho ha ho ha from other people that says that I insult the other race.

There are better alternatives but an UMNO man like him is quite hard to be convinced of his mistakes since some members keep thinking that he's greater than anyone else. If we can't tell him directly of a mistake, being a good samritan, what else can we do to shake him up?

Pak Samad's Passing

Here, I would like to extend my personal condolences to Kak Ena for Bapak's passing. Her update posting at 5.30 p.m, was quite grim thing and I felt that it really mirrored what happened to my granny - the same thing but hers was just in 4 days.

Actually being 80+ is indeed a blessing from God himself. Perhaps it is good to consider yourself lucky the moment you hit 80 and going on. The average lifespan of a Malaysian is approximately 72 years, but consider 80 as a bonus from God.

Waiting for New Petrol Price

If there is a change of government, the petrol price review per month might not last that long. And the cost of subsidy even becomes worse as the ringgit value drags down to mid-2007. A very bad decision on Budget by Abdullah Badawi. If the ringgit goes the other way round..up instead of down, the import value and subsidy cost of operations could be reduced substantially. This the start of the sign of economic slowdown in Malaysia. Abdullah had too many yes men in his cabinet. Not enough of people who knows economics and practice pragmatism in nation welfare.

Dropping another 15 cents by next month doesn't do much to help alleviate people grievances. If the drop is bigger, say 50 cents, then people will start to cheer.

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