Monday, September 29, 2008

Appointment With P.A.K- L.A.H, October 1, PWTC

This Wednesday is the open house day for PM Abdullah Badawi at PWTC. As expected a huge turnover will be there to meet with the PM and the cabinet Ministers, with a high possibility of meeting Botak, Kerishamuddin and Tomboy Azalina there as well.

This Wednesday, directly from the events of the Saturday night vigil, a group of people including the top bloggers (you bet it's who, who who and so on) will be coming there to PWTC as well.

The idea is to meet him, to sit down a have a real talk with him face to face.

Well then, if you can't meet him through official channels, this Wednesday is your golden chance.

So, be there at 12 p.m, if possible get those brand new shirts tomorrow, meet up with the group and meet face-to-face with Abdullah Badawi. And there's free food to be eaten to your heart's content.

If Abdullah Badawi still is called Mr. Clean / Mr. Nice Guy as what he's used to be, then he should not be afraid to meet with a group of concerned citizens who only wish to have a talk directly with him.

As what Mr. Mahathir said earlier:

Disamping bergembira bersama keluarga, saya harap kita akan teruskan tradisi kunjung mengunjung ke rumah-rumah terbuka untuk mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim di antara kita, terutama sekali dengan rakan-rakan kita yang bukan beragama Islam.

There should not be any problem for a person to come and meet their leaders.

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  1. Mr Clean hmmm seems zillion years ago last heard that descriptions of PM !
    Wonder he gonna drop dead or pura2 when he sees all those brand new Tees !
    Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysian Malaysia .


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