Monday, September 29, 2008

Even Average Citizens Tell Gerakan To Quit BN!

There was a poll at NTV7 just now which asked whether Gerakan should pull out of the BN coalition after being asked by their BN partners on their stand.

If 60% of the grassroot level members are adamant of pulling out, then even the silent majority also said that Gerakan should pull out. The poll shows that 97% of the voters wanted Gerakan to go out of BN. SAPP has done it, UPKO is considering thinking of following your next moves...

In terms of Parliamentary seats, should Gerakan decides to follow SAPP or perhaps join Pakatan Rakyat, Abdullah Badawi's coalition majority has been cut down to 50 Parliament seats, that is before we know exactly how many MPs crossing over.

Let me remind you that Gerakan was borne out of the idea of visionary leaders of all races who imagine a society of all races without discrimination. Being in BN since 1974, they should notice that race politics championed by the top three parties still remains. I have just one concern, does Ong Ka Chuan's statement means indirectly that MCA defends the Chinese rights against who? Is the statement trying to say that defending the Chinese against Malays or Indians? I am afraid that the answer could be a yes, if we decide to find out ourselves....

Speaking of the Donald's merger suggestion, the answer is also the same: point above. But it is base on the presumption that Gerakan is entirely full of Chinese members. If a merger do happens what happens to those non-Chinese Gerakan members?

But that sentiment is gone, irrelevant, guys. Everyone has spoken...leave BN. Don't be a 'dunggu'.

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