Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Could Have Been To ISA

If the HINDRAF 5 is sent to ISA for allegedly holding extremist views, then why not Ahmad Ismail? Instead, he was suspended from all party posts for three years.

Arguably the suspicion is that Dollah Badawi faces retaliation from the state UMNO division of Penang. Also note that Ahamd Ismail holds some business contracts that could go kapoof if he's sent to Kamunting detention camp.

Here's one example, remember the Shell station in Island Glades - sometimes I used to stop there to see my best friend Adrian at Greenlane Heights? That's apparently the station owned by his family, or sort of. And there could be other government contracts that we do not know but owned by him that could end in trouble if he ends in ISA.

Abdullah is a little weak here, giving him a slap on the wrist instead of sacking him or sending him off to detention. But to others outside UMNO, it means that he's doing some double-standard, sending non-UMNO men like HINDRAF to ISA instead of sending his own camp there.

I think I lost appetite to talk more of this. Just kind of waiting for what will happen within 16 to 20th. I had some talk of the possibility of Ku Li contesting for the presidential post in UMNO. Someone told me to be vigilant over this thing. It may not be what as it seems though....

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