Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bedol Napoleon's Waterloo Has Begun!

Facing pressure from everywhere in and out, Abdullah Badawi is planning his something drastic in order to save his political career, even if it means of sacrificing the national needs for his own personal purposes. This one would be the winner-takes-all fight between Badawi and Anwar. And there is no turning back.

If you have read the history of Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's final campaign against the European states, it ends with a crushing defeat for him and led to his permanent exile to St. Helena until his death in 1821. But in this scenario, following a phone conversation with a friend of mine, it seems that situation looks bleak in the coming few days.

1. First of all, the idea of Najib and Abdullah under the pretence of power transition swapping posts is to isolate Najib from his assets: Millitary Inteligence and his Generals. This will make Najib being the target of responsible for the national economy woes that is happening whereas Abdullah himself with the FFB boys are actually responsible for the national mess. One thing that caught my eye, wasn't the King notified of the swapping of posts?

2. Anwar will likely try to gain an audience with the king. However, getting to His Majesty will not be easy or not at all. Beyond the walls of the National Palace there are people who are eyes and ears of Abdullah. I fear that the King could be a prisoner against his own will. With Abdullah taking over the Defence Ministry, he wants to control all of the military so that he can give the order of National Emergency etc.. This also gives ECM Libra..KJ and his boys control over that instead of Najib.

3. Bank Negara Governor Zeti Aziz had tried resigning because Abdullah refused to consent her to raise the OPR to reduce the inflation rate. As many people said, keeping the present OPR rate bleeds more of the national economy.

4. In Malaysiakini, Abdullah says that Anwar is a threat to the economy and to national security. He had hinted in the Star that he will not reveal his plan and the notion of someone being a threat to the economy and security. Wrong. This entire thing is fabricated by Abdullah and his honchos. This is to make people believe that Anwar is the enemy and blah...blah..blah. A cliche really.

“So what is he saying? He is exploiting the trust the people have in him by saying all these things which is not helpful,” he said, adding that although there was no tremendous economic development in Malaysia there was still some significant progress.

Speaking to reporters at his office on Wednesday, Abdullah said Anwar did not take into account the positive development but criticised the Government’s moves to get the rakyat to believe him and to be on his side.

When asked on the Government’s action, Abdullah said he could not say but anything done would be in the best interest of the country and its people.

The part of the letter that was submitted, I believe was either deliberately omitted out of it, or it is deleted before it reaches Abdullah.

5. As reported just now, he ordered the ACA to start investigating the BN MPs who crossover to PR for allegedly being offered money although PR has clearly stated that there is no money offered for them to crossover.

6. Napoleon now had two military options. Fight a defensive war or fight an offensive one.[33] A defensive war would entail repeating the 1814 campaign in France but with much larger numbers of troops at his disposal. France's chief cities, Paris and Lyons, would be fortified and two great French armies, the larger before Paris and the smaller before Lyons, would protect these and francs-tireurs would be encouraged giving the Coalition armies their very own taste of guerrilla warfare courtesy of the French.[34]

Napoleon chose the latter option, which entailed a pre-emptive strike at his enemies before they were all fully assembled and able to co-operate and aid one another. By destroying some of the major Coalition armies, Napoleon believed he would then be able to bring the governments of the Seventh Coalition to the peace table [34] to discuss results favourable to himself, namely peace for France with himself remaining in power as its head. If peace was rejected by the allies despite any pre-emptive military success he may have achieved using the offensive military option available to him, then the war would continue, and as far as Napoleon's military situation would be concerned, half the job would have already been accomplished and he would then turn his attention to defeating the rest of the Coalition armies.

That's what Dollah intends to do. Start an Emergency, creating national havoc and point the blame on Anwar and Najib in the name of national security. Since Anwar is more dangerous than Najib, he will attempt to get Anwar arrested in ISA.

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