Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kepala Otak Hang! You Think 10 Cents Is Enough Ah?

I thought it's going to be a 20 cents drop. Instead they give only 10 cents.

If we drop the price by 20 cents, we stand to save roughly $15 for every 40 liters of petrol pumped into the tank. Instead, we saved only about a few more ringgit that's all. If grandma is still alive, she'd scold my grandfather for being 'kedekut'.

The ringgit value is still at the point that is unacceptable. That is why repegging back to 2.8 as what Mr. Mahathir said is guide good, but Bedol Napoleon thinks no.

We've been hoodwinked about the economy. In the last few months, investors had pulled out $125 billion of investment capital out of Malaysia because Bedol Napoleon and the UMNO cahoots refused to fix the judiciary system, revamped the economy system and otherwise.

You give me a lever and I might do a better job than Najib. As Zaid said, opposition from hardcore UMNO politicians was the main reason he could not do his job properly. So the problem needs to be fixed and those idiots must be slapped since they think in four walls. Too many politicians in the cabinet but only two or three people who really knows economy. I fear not even Najib could save the national economy's ass from the real problem: Bedol Napoleon.

1 comment:

  1. Zaid NEVER had a chance and will never have right now.

    Ha ha

    He should have stayed and continuously kick badawi balls but nooooo he quits and badawi just kick him in the nuts instead (kickdefella arrest)

    Ha ha



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