Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When I Squeak, Tikus Squeaks Its Last.

I almost could not talk for three days since Sunday. It began on Friday afternoon after I finished my lunch break. Then I started coughing. At nights, I have been coughing, had some headaches and fever until on Sunday morning, I could not talk at all. My throat was real sore. Real pain. At first it was just nothing serious but holding for a day or so.

Sunday: Almost could not speak at all. So I had to see a doctor and on medication. I had to restrict myself from speaking, I could only move my mouth and sometimes people had to ask me what I'm trying to say. Of course I had to shown them signs that I had a sore throat that I can't talk but I can hear what they say. The only time I had to talk is when I am ordering food.

Food though, the last three days was on liquid based food, with soup.

Monday: Throat not as sore on Sunday but this time I coughed up phlegm a few times. I could not speak. My suspicion was right. It was a viral infection. I could not talk on this morning.

Today: I can at least squeak, but couldn't speak at the usual tone. I went to see another doctor. Cough still remains but fever, migraine and flu were gone.

At this time, throat is not longer pretty sore, but a bit. Still coughing up. Able to speak as usual.

When I was able to squeak, I was shocked to read that Polytikus has already quit blogging and squeaks its last. Sigh :(

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