Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apology Not Accepted!

I was at the Wharf watching the NTV 7 news just now and the segment posted a SMS poll of whether people should accept UMNO's apology on behalf of Ahmad Ismail whom many people whacked badly over the apparent racist remarks of the Chinese.

No surprises though as 95 percent of voters said that apology is not accepted even if UMNO offers one. As chief whip, Najib should have suspend or perhaps sack that guy. But then again, I though sacking that guy is over the top.

Anyhow, this joker by the name of Ahmad Ismail should have watched his word and should have not followed the UMNO Johor jokers that said: that non-Malays are unappreciative towards them. Simple common sense is enough to reason this thing out. Where would we go if these ultra-nationalists tell us in the face to 'go back Tong San', go back China or go back to India? But what about they themselves, huh? If the roles are reversed, I can tell them to go back to Indonesia or to Sulu Islands or whatsoever. Isn't that an eye for an eye if such thing happens?

Ahmad Ismail didn't watch his word well. Najib should have suspend that guy. If Zorro puts this guy into the Mexican Gas Chamber as what he used to do to people like Tomboy Azalina, then I'll just put a bullet at that guy. Simple: he just violated Order #227: NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS!

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  1. We should all be Bugis! Nobody ever dared say the Bugis are "pendatang" and they've been the Johor/Selangor Sultanate ever since! Hahahaha!

    ~ Edmund


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