Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let's Surprise, Remind Them of ISA During Raya!

Pete Kamaruddin was born exactly today, September 27 1950. Instead of throwing a birthday greeting at a public location or a party, all everyone could do today is to send birthday cards and greetings to the detention camp in Kamunting.

An interesting post by Haris caught my attention just now that said

Initially, I thought that the ideal would be if we just did not dignify these orgies with our presence. However, there were some from amongst you who wrote in and made the brilliant suggestion of attending, dressed in Anti-ISA or Free RPK T-shirts.

A few months ago, Pete was held in Bukit Aman and we had a vigil, not recently in which Haris was taken to the police station. But I remembered that night was the first time we tested out the RPK C4 Me T-Shirt and I was proudly the very first one who put on the shirt. It was a test and later the shirt was given to another friend of mine.

I suddenly remembered wearing the shirt as I was writing this post. I thought it would be a good idea to surprise the tyrants, especially Botak that it was a fatal mistake to throw an innocent person to the camp on allegations of threats to national security.

Anyhow, Haris has wrote another interesting point:

In another post, I’ll list out all the BN leaders who will be hosting open houses for Hari Raya. in this regard, i could use help in tracking details of this down and sending it in, with full details of time, date and address. I will continue to update this list as and when I receive information from you people out there.

There's always an open house in PWTC on first day of Raya. And I remembered last year going there. The final cost borne by tax-payers money for that open house day in 2007 was $1 million. And the parking was free, everyone came in to eat all they one. But I met a guy there who has been constantly sending letters and cards every year to Rogue Banker Yackop and I hope to see that again.

That would be a good start to come there and tell those BN leaders there. I remembered shaking hands with Azmi Khalid, Mustapa Mohammad, Kerishamuddin, Tomboy Azalina, and Rafidah Aziz and finally Jeanne - but the hands were cold, I felt cold when meeting them.

Anyhow, I think we should go there to PWTC this Wednesday.

There is no underground group!

On the other hand, the police does not seem to understand of kins of those under ISA, particularly those who had been there for more than the detention period of 2 years. And yesterday, people tried to tell others of ISA but the police cut them down as if GMI is an underground group.

If you look at the Star, it says:

A group of anti-ISA activists caused a bit of a commotion as they gathered near the Masjid Jamek mosque in Jalan Tun Perak here.

In Malaysiakini or Harakah, depending on which one, the opening is different:

Police broke up an attempted leafleting exercise by a group of activists calling for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (ISA) today.

Of course that implies that the police started the commotion first.

In actual fact, an OCPD can actually do that, not an ASP.

"Belum sempat aktivis GMI yang diketuai oleh Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh berkumpul, ASP Sydney Clyde Jeremiah yang mengetuai pasukan polis telah memberi amaran kepada koordinator GMI, E Nalini agar tidak menggunakan pembesar suara dan plakad." - Harakah

I think Nalini could have barked back and tell them the similar shit that the police have thrown to the innocents.

And yes, there is a vigil tonight at 7 pm at Merdeka Square. You bet the police will come in full force but on remember: tell them that they are looking at the wrong end of the pole.

Remember what Tyler Durden said before?

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