Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What About September 20?

The Tiong bird, being the head of the Backbencher's club has organized a trip for 50 MPs to Taiwan for agricultural knowledge gain. But many saw that as a way to force those BN MPs to stay away from a possibility of crossing over on the 16th, since many think is the deadline for Anwar Ibrahim to declare of the crossover of MPs to the People's Coalition.

Why Not Australia?

The answer is as good as mine. Many know that Abdullah Badawi's associate, Patrick Lim has a house and property in Australia. Earlier on, some said that one BN MP is sponsoring the entire trip but did mention that it is either Australia, China or Taiwan. If the Tiong bird suddenly let slip that it's in Australia, then the finger of suspicion would be pointed to Khairy or Abdullah since Australia means using Abdullah's private jet or using property owned by Patrick.

Close One Hole Open The Other

Looking at both sides of the coin, the trip, organized by Tiong actually buys time for both Anwar and Abdullah. For Abdullah, we can say that this buys time for him to bail out and put the country at the weakest point when Anwar takes over - taking the money out of national coffers to his cronies. For Anwar, it proves to be an acceptable excuse to say to all who have been asking the questions that the crossover will be delayed by a few more days because of this trip. The trip will be concluded between 17-19th.

There's One Out

I have a high suspicion that BN Youth Chief of Penang could be the first one to crossover. Someone said that, but let's wait and see.

Did BN Forget About September 20?

If BN merely thinks about September 16 as the day of BN crossovers, then you have forgotten to cover the other hold that is September 20. As Mahathir's saying parallels this, "Melayu Mudah Lupa". Did they forget that September 20 is Reformasi Day? That is the very day Anwar was arrested by SWAT teams and the biggest demonstration was held that day?

20 September 1998 was the day Malaysia saw its biggest demonstration in history. That was also the day Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by a SWAT team with faces hidden under balaclavas and armed to the teeth. It was not until a few days later that the world discovered Anwar had been beaten up by no less than Malaysia’s chief of police and left unconscious on the floor of his cell until the following morning -- where an alarmed police officer found him exactly where he had been left the night before, still unconscious.

The dates are merely red herrings just to confuse the BN parties. Anwar's aim is to hold the gun at BN's nose and if BN makes a sudden move, bang..there goes BN beyond recovery mode. So they are desperately playing the final card that is the Ahmad Ismail thing....and what the bird indirectly did, that is buying time for Abdullah Badawi ends with nothing gained.

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