Thursday, September 25, 2008

Botak's Taste of His Own Medicine

A deputy Minister, T. Murugiah has hit back on Botak Albar today insisting that Botak's statement on 'not to interfere with his ministry' is intefering with his job. A very incredible turning back on Botak and he gets his own medicine.

Botak, with his prestige and an UMNO man arrogantly told Murugiah to get lost earlier on. Apparently arrogance is something that caught up with Botak, just as what happened to Patton. Patton, despite being a great military leader respected by everyone is a victim of his own arrogance.

This would be a good warning for Botak not to go around and to teach other grandmothers to suck eggs. That will kill him eventually. Another vocal voice to this sentiment is in the form of Transparency Chief Ramon Navaratnam. He told Dollah Badawi to release all the ISA detainees or risk losing more FDI. But I doubt that Bedol Napoleon would do so and UMNO politicians will scream if Badawi does that.

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