Sunday, September 28, 2008

Only Radicals and Ultras Would Do Such Thing - On TK by Malaysiakini

Base on what I've read on, the vulgar message that has been left on implies that:

1. The culprits are Malays, since there is the word 'pig' there.
2. Radicals and ultras that could be die-hard UMNO fans would really do that.
3. This was the aftermath of Teresa being taken into ISA and complaints on dog food.
4. I doubt PAS people would do that since they are more moderate than UMNO's people.
5. Only people that are mislead by inaccurate religious concepts would do that.

Front For Defenders of Eggs? Hahaha...but..

A warning to bigots out there: Don't You Ever Teach Your Grandmother To Suck Eggs.

You try to do that on some people and they will hit you hard for your 'holier than thou' thing. Don't try to be smart on this.

This ultra-nationalist attitude kills and it destroys some notable people.

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