Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome to K.L, Bro!

My brother had finished his SPM examinations and is currently taking formal driving lessons in order to get his test. The test is now an online test, which is in contrast of circle the right answers, that I did five years ago.

Anyhow, one week before Christmas he came down for a Manga festival / convention downtown that I had to take him around and spend one night with him before he went back to Ipoh on Sunday afternoon. He finished quite early and he was kind of pissed when he had to wait about one hour. I was kind of obsessed of finishing Medal of Honor Airborne that I've forgotten to pick him up! Anyhow, I took him for meals when I captured this photo.

Then he came down again on Wednesday (the week before Christmas) because he wanted to take a look at the Lim Kok Wing campus in Cyberjaya.

When I came to the hotel to see him with my dad before dinner, I was shocked to hear that he signed up for his 4-year course of graphics design. It had been his interest since 18 months ago. He will be starting mid-February. I thought he would come down and see. I asked him why not wait for the education fair in January because there are more choice to consider rather than making up his mind right now. Dad explained that of all the campuses he had look into and compared, Lim Kok Wing University fits the exact needs that my brother has interests in.

So this means that he'll be in the south-western part of Selangor soon. My aunt said during dinner that almost all of the family had returned to their roots. What I mean by roots is that my paternal family originated from K.L (before that from China)...hence the saying.

What will happen to Ipoh? I don't know right now. But then, it's a welcome thing for him. But I told him that if he's in boredom, he can come and spend the weekend with me on the north-eastern side of Selangor. Setapak is near Gombak, right? Gombak is somewhere in the north-eastern part of Selangor, correct?

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