Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 21 2012

You may notice that there is a dead-set date that is December 21 2012 that is seen prominently everywhere. But there has been speculations and theories of what may happen on this date. Some called this date, December 21 2012 11.11 AM GMT as Judgement Day.

Why this date?

The date is derived from the Mayan Calendar that began in 3114 BC. Reaching that date on 2012 marks the end of 5000 years cycle that started with that time. The Mayan calendar consists of 13 Baktuns that form the long count. The 13th Baktun ends at that date above. The date starts on August 12 3114 BC which is the solar zenith day.

A Gregorian date is intepreted in the Mayan calendar like an IP address, except it has five numbers. If I am to take September 11 2001 from the Gregorian calendar, in the Mayan calendar it is shown as 6 Imix 19 Mol or

What happens?

There are many probable theories that could happen. But I do not believe that it is the end of the world. Instead the word apocalypse is misintepreted and instead we should believe that we are witnessing incredible changes that are likely to happen.

Most of the theories that I've looked into are those in the religious context. For instance:

1. The final pope will be revealed and he will be known as Peter The Roman. This happens because right now, the list of popes and successions are in line of the prophecy predicted by St. Malachy. The list never lies because the coat of arms chosen by each pope matches his predictions.

2. The Book of Revelations speaks of the Seven Year Tribulation beginning with that day and the coming of the Seven Bowls of Wrath spilled by God. The seven bowls are those of natural disasters, diseases, war, famine, and the evil things that are likely to come.

No, I don't really look into the religious context of it. Instead I look at the date as:

1. A forthcoming asteroid that could cause damage to the earth if no measures are taken care of.

2. Einstein theorizes of a magnetic polar change that could affect the direction of the earth. This is likely to happen by the time we reach there.

3. A likely change in human consciousness. Through something we are likely to evolve until a new level of human beings. Not to say that we start to think like advanced civilizations, but it's just one step further. The ancient prophet Zarasthura once prophesized of the evolution that man will go through. This could be what he had predicted.

4. Maybe it is likely that a new order has come to ensure peace and stability after God has witnessed enough of those wars, deaths and things that plagued mankind.

We are now 5 years away from the fateful day. What should we do?

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