Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hardwares Wishlist for Gaming Machine 2008

Continuing from where I've left off: The Must Have Gadgets of 2008.

Previously, I've covered the gadgets on my wish list next year. And now, if I want to build my own custom gaming machine, then I think some of these stuff would fit the wish list.

1. Penryn Quad Core - The 45nm processors got launched off in October but I would want to wait until the second half next year as the prices will get lower as time goes. Buying this right now is considered as burning a hole in your money pocket. But for that price, there's better power management and higher performance.2. Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 - They called this board as the king of over-clocking. This board actually supports the hybrid DDR2/3 memory, which means when prices for DDR3 drop later, I can switch to that. But somehow, in the motherboard category, I got torn off of whether to get the MSI P35 Diamond as the alternative because it remains the only motherboard to have an onboard Creative Xi-Fi audio card built in.
3. Kingston Hyper-X DDR3-1375 - Remains one of the brands that starts selling DDR3. Period. I think having 2GB is a must since some games run only on Vista. Vista needs 1GB to run well....

4. MSI GeForce 8800 GTS - So far, MSI is the best of the GeForce cards around the market if we look at the overall situation. Good features and reasonable pricing. I felt that ASUS was more on the high-end of pricing but this one is balanced. I might want to get it but I'm not sure which shop in Low Yat sells that card. Most of them would sell Gigabyte or Asus. And this comes with a complementary copy of Company of Heroes. My brother loves Radeon cards so he might want to go for the Gigabyte 2900 XT. But the 3800 series marks the first time a 55nm GPU is used.
5. Antec Truepower Quattro - These kind of components needs a lot of power. I think this is one of those that places emphasis on good power management. You don't need 1500 Watts for one machine! I think 850 Watts will do. Just don't be like Warlock (Kevin Smith in Die Hard 4.0), okay?

6. LG GGC-H20L - High-Definition! This is one of the hybrid drives in the market. I always prefer LG for its optical drives. LG and Pioneer are one of the few brands that produces heavy-duty use optical drives. One time, many years ago, my disc broke into shards when it was playing in a normal CD-ROM drive. My friend said that high-definition for PC means Blu-Ray Drives. But Toshiba and Paramount are quite stubborn over the insistence of HD-DVD!

7. Seagate Barracuda Hard Drives - Need to say further? They are better than WD. I don't even need a lot of spaces, unless people are quite lazy to remove unnecessary programs from the machine.
8. Gaming mouses? Maybe Razerback Diamond 3G would be good enough.

9. Dell UltraSharp 2707WFP - The monitor template for Dell is almost the same as what my colleagues had in their terminals (some of them get upgrades because of the need to do more work). But this is the only monitor that has HDCP capabilities and plenty of connectivity options like D-sub and HDCP-compliant DVI-D ports, Component, S-video, Composite video inputs, two USB 2.0 ports, an upstream USB port, a speaker power port, and memory card readers. But it's only 6ms...not as responsive as the Samsung SyncMaster but a perfect balance of watching HD-movies and games. Boom..boom...Double Kill!

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  1. hmm i want a PC like yours.... but i would like to get something with a Intel X38 chipset (can support DDR2 & DDR3)and of course it's quad core optimized....


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