Saturday, December 8, 2007

Now This is A Police State!

Tyler Durden is the ultimate representation of anarchy and nihilism. His personality represents one facet of the dark side of human psyche. If the Terminator is a character that represents something that we wish to do such as hitting people out, injuring people with no regrets Tyler is the same end but a different approach like insulting people, doing sex, loving to fight, and all above all, a space for an average Joe caught up in unfairness to rant whatever we want.

Durden is the character creation of author Chuck Palahniuk from the novel Fight Club. According to the notes, Mr. Palahniuk was inspired to write the story of Fight Club from an incident where he got beaten up by fellow campers who refused to lower the radio volume despite the fact that he was right. In other words, he got whacked for being right....! The name Tyler was inspired when he met a person on the plane and the person sitting next to him was called Tyler.

Alright, enough of the introduction. Perhaps one of the most famous quotes by Tyler is this:
"Hi, you're going to call off you vigorous investigation. You're going to publicly state that there is no underground group. Or...these guys are going to take your balls. They are going to send one to the New York Times, one to the L.A Times, press-release style. Look, the people that you're after are the people that you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your phone calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you during your sleep. Do not *FUCK* with us."
This quote is a dig to a downtown policeman by the name of Che Hamzah Che Ismail who today , according to Bernama and Malaysiakini issued a warning of those who would be joining lawyers who wish to celebrate World Human Rights Day tomorrow with a walk from SOGO to Central Market. I find nothing really special from joining that thing. It's just a walk. It's just a celebration. There is no guns, just people who want to be part of a party. There is nothing really wrong from there. Yet, it seems from the press statement made by that idiot shows that there police force are getting paranoid nowadays and they are pushing for any small group gathering to have a police permit!?

Actually, the walk tomorrow doesn't really occupy roads that will block cars from using the road. I fear that the police has lost common sense in making decisions. From what this Che Hamzah was saying, I can surmise that he is one of those who is itching for action, starting a trouble in the name of law. Yes, there are some moments that the police are the ones that start the trouble and catching people in it. Remember I told you that the there is an internal cell war between the CCID and CID? I can say that he's in league with the CID - correct me if someone knows better.

The people who lead the walk tomorrow are lawyers, people that tend to use more common sense in their daily work. Moreover, they know better of the Malaysian Constitution. Article 5 - a person has a right protest if they feel that something is not right for them or they should be entitled to. Too bad the police and ministers have forgotten the basic and foundation parts of the Constitution. Today, lawyer and MP Zaid Ibrahim is considered to be another Renaissance Man since Anwar Ibrahim. He is right in every fact that he spoke off. There are some who do not share his sentiments because they think he's smarter than anyone else, but the thing is that many who don't believe in it are those with lack of foresight and dumber than anyone else.

You see, tomorrow's march will be covered by my fellow bloggers like Zorro, Haris and Shar who think that it is worthwhile to celebrate Human Rights Day. If Bedol Napoleon and the police decides to clamp down on us, it means that Malaysia is NOT a democratic state as what many think, but instead the true state, an Orwellian State that hunt innocents down like rabid dogs. Let's refresh ourselves that the police has deviated from its actual priorities; of hunting down criminals who still roam the streets of Malaysia. They SHOULD pay more attention to that instead of this permit, gathering thing. Eradicating crime (violent crimes) is more important than this.

The police has deviated itself from being an independent body but instead a puppet of a political party. Don't forget that the police reputation has been put to the ground or dropped tremendously from the criticism by various quarters for starting a fight that no one intends like firing tear gas, spraying chemical waters, injuring a hawker's ankle and etc..

Yes..if those who are in there find out how bad the police are, that includes starting a ruckus, fellow bloggers there will be reporting to the whole world, press-release style. The people who are in the walk are professionals, those white-collar people who contribute to the nation's progress. They are people that sometimes the police will have to depend on. If worse things happen, this means that the government will have to fork out money in compensation and the police rep will go down some more, because of the actions of one hungry police officer.

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