Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cell War: ISM and CCID vs ACA and CID

CCID chief Ramli Yusof today broke silence revealing that he was the man that the ACA is investigating over the allegation that he had assets of $27 million undeclared. Today, he produced a three page statement made to the press declaring that the police and the ACA had failed to give solid protection to whistle-blowers who provide information in beating the numbers and gambling scandal in Johor which led to the current banishment and arrest of the kingpin of Johor, Goh Cheng Poh @ The Tengku.

Yes, this news was already out with the report by RPK saying that there is a connection between the underworld and the police department months before the event arrives at last here. And it is in this case inside that setups the close attempt whereby deputy Internal Security Minister Joe Baharom was allegedly offered a $5 million bribe and cleared by the AG. So it is true, Joe and CCID are trying to figure out the connection between a police cell echelon and underworld, and in the end, Ramli and his subordinates ended up as the victim of the beat.

A check on the dailies on this scope shows that the mainstream media has a blackout on this, except for the Sun (the only one that covers it) and of course the independent online daily Malaysiakini.

One part of the three page statement released by Ramli confirms our suspicions from the beginning. The ACA had gone probing for the identities of whistle blowers who provide information on the underworld activities. The confidentiality has been blown off, when they tracked them and obtained their statements. This is done by circumventing the standard standing orders of the Inspector General. Who would order for the location and targeting of witnesses? According to the rank of protocols, the rank of director of ACA, is higher than the IGP, meaning that Ahmad Said Hamdan can overrule certain decisions made by Musa Hassan. Does that mean that this was the factor?

Which leads to several arrests of CCID officers last week.

The confirmation is there: ACA has flouted the law to obtain identities of those who had sworn to secrecy. So this explains why the other CID department and possibly, those who are arrested knew who are those people who provided the information and who is digging around for information for capture. Which is why, nobody right now would want to co-operate with them including those whistle-blowers of the Lingam tape scandal. Because of one reason: no protection. The admittance by Ramli is that the police had failed to protect them and his officers.

When the identities got out, some quarters who invert statements and used against the officers investigating them, which of course I would say our three men, ASP Hong, DSP Bahrain and Inspector Nordin Ahmad. And according to Ramli, his lawyer, Rosli Dahlan was also arrested by the other police cell and the ACA for CBT before Raya.

You see, The Tengku is first, according to the knowledge of some informants and profiling by the CCID / ISM, the kingpin of Johor; he owns several Magnum 4D shops in Johor and secondly, he is one of the right hand men of the "Godfather". If this man is captured, everything would be done, to finding the right person to secure the release of the man out. And "Godfather" has many connections...well known connections. When the word gets out that the names of people trying to put him down, he would hit back, and false accusations against the three officers is one of the retribution acts executed.

In the statement, Ramli is acting on orders by the Internal Security Ministry, which is run by Joe Baharom and Abdullah Badawi but these two men never meet each other to face. The three officers are acting under him. Now, the CID and the ACA are acting under the allegations by the Tengku that CCID misused their powers. Now, it's kind of a tag team match between these two cells. Seems like a rift to me, but Musa Hassan, claims there isn't.

So this is indeed matches what I'm been repeat quoting over the last few days: if you squeal at the high and mighty, you will pay for it.

Strangely, Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today were barred from the press conference. Maybe they knew too much and wanted the mainstream media to have the share of the coverage, which they hadn't.

Another reason why Bolehland government is still rotting now. AAB still isn't doing his job!

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