Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Judicial Crisis Scoreline: People 1 Government 0

In the match called the judiciary crisis, the match between the people and the government kicked off with the people scoring the first blood.

At 7.10 p.m, the conference of Rulers have rejected Ahmad Fairuz's request for extension by another six months. This means that Fairuz will have the mandatory retirement by tomorrow.

A check on the mainstream dailies in regards to this matter at this time of writing shows there is a media blackout on this matter. NST, The Star, Bernama, Sun...none has it reporting.

Next two moves:

The government is planning to even the score by having UMNO judge Zaki Azmi to take over the vacant post of Chief Justice. But the thing is that he is party adviser for UMNO meaning that he might have a partisan view for UMNO.

The lawyers are planning a boycott against the judiciary, according to Malaysiakini. An interesting remark by them is that Bedol is not interested in cleaning the mess, based on the analysis of the keynote speech delivered at the law conference.

There is a likelihood that given the scenarios of BERSIH march on the 10th of November and the delivery of transparent boxes to state election commissions, it seems that the election might be held as sooner as possible which is 25th November. All that remains for that to come is the announcement by Abdullah at the UMNO assembly and the king's consent.

The king must decide in whether to consent in dissolving the Parliament in order for the elections to roll in. However, he has the power to decide whether to reject, accept or postpone to a further notice (still under 5 years) the recommendation to dissolve Parliament. If he decides on rejecting or delaying it, it still considers as third goal of the match.

Who will score the next two goals?
Or what will be the next scoreline?

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