Monday, October 8, 2007

Chewing Like a Candy

Monthly trips back to Ipoh have given a nostalgic feeling for me. It would make me feel that I really wanted to go back to the point where I had my childhood. I fear that might not see it again in the next 30 years or so as Ipoh had gone tremendous landscape changes particularly during my previous visit in September. Who knows that I might be working overseas or whatsoever. I really wanted to go back and savor an extra day at the house where I grew up with.

I read some articles from my fellow town man James Wong who named his blog Clare Street after the street opposite Central Market now called as Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri. The nostalgic feeling is in the air!

Alright..alright. Almost every time I am back at Ipoh, my mother would buy a big number of Kampar Road coconut buns that are fresh from the oven. I can't remember which shop is it in town that sells that, but there are two things that I know about the bun:

  • You can't get it on Sundays.
  • It's my dad's favorite bun.
The bun's filling has scraped coconut mixed together with Gula Melaka baked with in a wholemeal bun. On Saturday, I took two. I started to love having the bun, after my mother insisted that I have try when I was a kid. Dad had lived in Ipoh for more than I do, he would go there sometimes while dating my mother in the late 70s.

Ah...the memories. I in fact gave one bun to my colleague at sales department, K.K. I just drove back from Ipoh 6.30 in the morning. Couldn't go that fast because today was day 2 of Ops Sikap, the hardworking period of police officers in conjunction with the Raya celebration. I met him at the carpark of my office, went up the lift together and handed one to him. I wanted to give my finance manager William another one, but he doesn't take buns too much. But we would talk about hometown as well sometimes at lunch, William was from Pusing, surely I would remember of Tanjung Tualang seafood and of course, claypot braised pork with salted fish - the famous dish in Pusing. Pusing would be right after Lahat and further to Lumut, where my poor mother would have to go very early in the morning. She's not taking it for long. She wanted to stop in July next year.

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