Monday, October 8, 2007

Another 'Dalil' Why Nazri Should Quit

El Balachi was saying this morning that the whistleblowers of the Lingamtape can be put into the Witness Protection Act by having identities altered!?

But many people from the lawyer profession did not find any act that is called Witness Protection in the law books. The actual fact is that the fact is still tabled in the Parliament and it hasn't been gazetted and approved by the Rulers.

I am not trying to say about the contents but I feel that the government's idea of having an independent panel to review the video is not good enough. First reason, as Haris mentioned that Haidar was implicated in the sacking of Salleh Abas, directly.

Second thing, let's recall the affidavit that C. Vijaya Kumar filed to the A-G chambers on behalf of CCID chief Ramli Yusuff. Remember I said that the identities of the whistleblowers were compromised when they are forced to make statements by the ACA? This having the Chinese Underworld figuring out who are making the point to go against them?

The Nazi man asked one question, "...if you don't believe in the government, who do you trust?"

The answer is there and in Malaysiakini: royal commission! What a dumb ass he is.

That's another mistake made by the taxi man. Not versed in law. He should quit now.

Or do you want another 'dalil' more as of '50 Dalil'?

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