Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Election, but When?

Yes, there is a clear speculation that the next general elections are coming around the corner. But the question remains of when it is likely to be held.

The first sign of election is coming soon is that there is an UMNO assembly from 7-9 November which is likely to discuss of postponing of party elections for the sake of this. The second sign is that there is a one-day forum that includes all BN MPs and state assemblymen all in one roof, a postponed meet that was delayed at the very last minute.

Interestingly, as according to RPK, the BN has upped the ante for the next general election. Their main aim is to achieve victory, zero opposition, meaning a clean sweep of 219 parliamentary seats and a total sweep of state seats. Their focus is likely on Kelantan and Terangganu with the former more attention as they wanted to regain the state that fell to PAS hands since 1990. Johor is a unique exception for it is the only state in Malaysia to achieve clean sweep in the past election - of course UMNO originated from Johor!

In this case, they are preparing to play dirty together with the Election Commission. As part of the BN's double helix program called Blue Wave and Zero Opposition, the commission has moved voters, foreign voters from elsewhere into key states like Sabah, and the Eastern Peninsular. If that is not enough, in Perak, this is also the case. The case in point is that 5159 out of 8463 voters are added to the total number of eligible voters for the Ipoh Timur Parliamentary seat. Clearly, the BN want to cash Lim Kit Siang out, with part of it is due to the fact that BN lost Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat and some seats to the DAP. And I am caught inside it because I am one of the 8463 new voters of Ipoh Timur!

So you can see that the election is rigged. Coupled with the black boxes where votes are kept. Who knows that the box can be swapped for another box somewhere else?

Now back to the dates. As Big Pete further added, the dates of elections are auspicious ones because Bedol had got the consultation from a feng shui master. Funny? No, for it was the same man who suggested March 21 2004 as the election date.

The dates suggested were either 25 November, 15 December and 15 March 2008 (March of Ides, anyone?). I don't really know whether 15 March is a good date or not, for on this date many things happened like Caesar's assassination, the abdication of the Nicholas II and so on.

At least we get to be relieved that a report by Malaysiakini states that election is unlikely to be held by this year. Simple, the MCA and Gerakan are not ready to put their minds into election. Maybe it's after Chinese New Year, then it is likely AAB is going to throw a snap election. But then, to dissolve a Parliament requires consent of the king. The king has the right to defer or say no if the 5 year term is not up yet. But the BN is pressuring the king for consent.

Simple thinking:

1. They know Anwar Ibrahim is eligible for politics after April 2008. They hope to keep him out by holding it before April.
2. They want to make sure that the next government will not be challenged by anybody, meaning that they can do whatever they feel like it after that.
3. They want to win back the hearts and confidence of the Chinese, for they know that their support of the government is deteriorating. So does the Indians.

So what are you going to do now? In response to Zorro and Haris' latest posting, which also calls me out as an Ipoh Timur voter, seems like I need to write a mail to the EC for proof - as soon as possible.


  1. Hi Melvin,

    Yes, Malaysia urgently needs a change of government. There is simply too much crime, corruption in the country. The electorate must wake up from their slumber and have guts to throw out the current "half-past-six" administration.

    (retiree, aged 61)

  2. Hi Melvin,
    Maybe we should all become angkasawan in the coming election..we can take rocket and go up to the moon..less costly than what our government spent.


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