Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's Really Selling Malaysia Out?

"Very foolish you will be if you let them take away the rights I have given you" - Omar Torrijos (1929-1981)

It's a good guess as mine that an admission by the Bangladeshi PM that the citizens were given right to vote in the possible next general elections. The forthcoming problem facing by the ruling government is that they risk facing losing power that they have held over the last 55 years and counting. Period. When they lose, all contracts that they are entitled including wealth and privileges are no longer in their possession as if they are taken away passwords and access to treasury and computer files.

Penang and Selangor are examples of how they have suffered when the gold mine and the big deposit boxes of Malaysia have been taken away by the opposition coalition. And you have seen how they have been screaming left and right until the foam forms in the mouth of the United Malays National Organization people. Najib has been moving around, notably, in Penang recently, at Anwar Ibrahim's turf - I suppose it is to make a taunt at Anwar of the likelihood of going to jail in the next few months or so.

There is an understanding that rural people and Malay support will not alone help the BN to win with a bigger majority. And so there's this theory of getting the Bangla people to support them in exchange of citizenship. Not only them, other foreigners as well.

While they have been using Pakatan as their punching bag, bashing one thing after another and even accusing them as anti-Islam, Jew supporter and other monikers that they can think off, they too even do not know that they too are actually the same thing as what their accused the rivals do - perhaps all to shake off the tag and divert the public's attention. Getting more of these kind of people, just as to cheat in elections is also part of selling Malaysia out indirectly.

That's right. That's only one...and Malaysia unknowingly have been selling themselves out to corporations or doing things that economic hitmen would suggest them to do - to cheat the country more money in addition to the present national debt incurred by the country. 

Earlier in the year, Mahathir had said that the Malays in particular are those who are staunch anti-Israel people, that is putting their support on the Palestine. However, when it comes to their rights and entitlements, they meekly give it away to the third parties including corporations. I had seen a documentary of the Orang Asli who have been starting to reclaim their native customary rights to the lands. The new lands act that was enforced on them was very unrealistic, as it dictates that the amount of land entitled is depending on the size of the state.

Refusal to accept the conditions of the big would consequently give in grim results. One case I often recalled was the controversy and the conspiracy behind Omar Torrijos plane crash. They said that Torrijos preferred Japanese interest over American interests, in which John Perkins in his book said some American business leaders and politicians strongly opposed the negotiations between Torrijos and a group of Japanese businessmen led by Shigeo Nagano, who were promoting the idea of a new, larger, sea-level canal for Panama - Noreiga said this of course provoke discontent among American business circles.

The similarity is identical to the Fuad Stephens plane crash as well. Stephens had already been very skeptical over what will happen should Sabah decide to join the Malaya federation. Likewise, of the case during the inception and the year after the Petroleum Development Act 1975 was passed. Could Stephens independence streak angered some quarters that there was conspiracy to get rid of him at that time? The circumstances noted in both Torrijos and Stephens is there to show.

Now let's go back to the point.  The case of giving voting rights to foreigners in exchange of retaining power, doesn't that fit in this case?  What can the opposition do much when you are the government of the day and still you keep pointing fingers at them for your own mistakes? At what cost would we incur for the sake of getting the predominant Malay support? So if it turns out there the party claims to be protecting all races and rights as they have been shouting but doing the inverse, that is selling the country out then why do we keep supporting them when we know that they are clearly in the wrong? 

What is really wrong?

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