Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bottled Up Anger

Well, I had to wait for another day before my pay comes up. After some calculating and planning for next month's expenses, I felt that I am a little bit angered by the fact that I can spend no more than $600 or $700 on credit card bills, while the remaining half has to be used on usage of food and sundries.

Almost one third is used on the mandatory expenses of the month which includes the room rent and the office monthly parking pass. The one thing that I am pretty offended about is that my rent has shot up by another 60 percent. The main reason according to the landlady was that the electricity bill per month when I started to stay shot up to roughly about $230 plus per month. Sensible to say that I used the air-conditioner almost every night when I am bed. And not to mention that I am using a mini-fridge and water heater during my baths.

I might try to haggle for a slightly lower price so that I can spare some extra cash for food. By having this thing up, I can surmise that she is hanging me out to dry for 8 days. Imagine the extra money I had to pay can be equivalent to 8 days of food, assuming it's roughly $15 bucks per day.

This is something that boils inside that I simply find it hard to accept and it's like bottling up anger within a person. I really feel the dark psyche of humanity - wanting to shoot a person for creating inconvenience out of me. But the thing is that I decided to sign up for a marketing course, after my self-attempts could not work. I hope that I can earn extra cash in USD by the time October is over. My target that I intended to reach is around $7000 USD. Part of it is used for next year special event.

This morning there was a terrible traffic jam along Jalan Kuching in which I thought there was an accident but instead there was nothing at all. It really angers me that the attitudes of drivers who care less of going to work is affecting me that I got delayed by 30 minutes. Fortunately, I informed my manager of that circumstance before the clock hits 9 a.m.

I really wanted to carry a baseball bat in the car and really wanted to bash up idiots who really create trouble out of nothing. I couldn't really depend on obeying the law now that the judiciary process in Malaysia is corrupted already. There are many murders whereby criminals are still walking away free is if they are untouchable...that's where vigilantism comes in.

So angry...I wanted to beat them all!


  1. $600-700 credit card bills. There's your problem right there mate, the reason why most young ppl get hopelessly mired in debt in the first 10 years of their working life. If I were you I'd settle the cards once for all and never make up any excuse to use them again. Nothing's sweeter than a debt-free life.

  2. You are getting into credit card trap. Partial payment will affect you financially. Do get into it and if you are in, GET OUT asap.


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