Friday, September 14, 2007

Wah..This Go Up That One Go Up!?

A few things that involves everybody in Malaysian consumerism:

Chicken ceiling price goes up to $6 per bird.

Wheat flour going up by another 30 cent plus per kilo.

World oil price breaks record of $80 per barrel.

So, there are some capitalist people to expect the rest of us to pay money as if the people are cash registers, printing out money as if there is nothing changing in this world or the money coming from trees. When you are close to reach your hands on the thing that you desired after you worked hard to earn the amount to pay it, you notice that the gap is suddenly enlarged because of the price increase.

Gee, I have to pay more to eat my favorite steam char siu bun or pay extra to have an occasional meal of chicken rice or KFC!

How ironic that this is the AAB Barisan Najis government that we've picked. During the Mahathir period before he retired in November 2003, the fuel price in Malaysia just went up once to $1.42 per liter. If that price is to stick at that time, I can save at least $15 on petrol per week and can use it for food.

As Howsy said, "Undilah Barang Naik!"

So how do we beat this problem? The answer is not solely on smart consumerism. It's getting more locals on playing the Malaysian foreign exchange. The ringgit is still undervalued, folks. We need to play more to get that back to the equilibrium rate of 3.06, as calculated previously. Just imagine how much we can save if we buy a USD $100 item with the rate of 3.06 compared to 3.48 as of today? Way much, and helps to keep the cost low.

Number 2, more opposition members in's crazy but it's meant to check the use of power. There are now cases of mismanagement of funds - taxpayer's money by some government people out there. If there's no check, so....what?


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