Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Memoriam: Robert Jordan (1948-2007)

The Wheel of Time series is still one of the best-selling fantasy series that I've read. I got hooked at hit during my final year at university and read almost the first 9 books in the span of 5 months.

The magic of the series is that author Robert Jordan who also wrote the Conan Chronicles placed an emphasize on rich characterization and dramatic battles including some religious imagery. Jordan is a graduate of The Citadel military college, hence he has great knowledge of battles and strategies as well.

The culture of Wheel of Time is somewhat similar to the medieval times coupled with a mixture of the European period at the height of the French Revolution.

Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight remains as Jordan's lowest point when released at 2003. This was due to the error in the editorial decision, releasing after barely a month of submission. However, Jordan intervened personally in the next book Knife of Dreams, released at 2005. He insisted to have a six-month revision of the draft as to ensure to the book does not get the same criticism as of the previous one.

The last book, working title being A Memory of Light was slated to begin writing after the release of the book.

However, it might be on hold or canceled as R.J passed away last Sunday, 16 September.

The doctors confirmed that he was diagnosed of a rare disorder called as Amyloidosis. According to Wikipedia, the disease is a rare one in which amyloid proteins are deposited abnormally into the organs, causing disease.

The question remains of what will happen to the last book. It was said that R.J had spent a lot of time before treatment preparing the outlines and character details as well as getting others to dictate the plot points and so on. This implies that he might be handing this over to a select 'army of writers' as he phrased it to finish the last book.

As for me, I was kind of excited over what happens at book 12 since it is confirmed that there will be 12 books in the series. He expanded it from the original six due to overwhelming response from readers. The Fires of Heaven remains the best book of the series.

What will happen to our lead man Rand?


  1. What? Robert Jordan died last week? I didn't know that! Looks like The Wheel Of Time series will be the greatest unfinished fantasy epic then... :(

  2. New quote from DOOM:

    "A Renoir. I have three, myself. I had four, but ordered one burned...It displeased me." -- Doctor Doom



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