Thursday, September 27, 2007

Potential Piracy With More Lust

The Chinese NC-17 rated movie Lust, Caution, shot partly in Penang and Ipoh as to give the show the Hong Kong 1950's feeling has been released in a called sanitized version in Malaysia.

An interesting fact is that Ang Lee visited the famous assam restaurant in Ipoh - Assam House. In addition to that, co-star Alex Wang (Lee Hom) and other stars were there as well. Part of the show is shot in Market Street in Old Town Ipoh, the street where my mother grew up.

The NC-17 version is clocked at 158 minutes as according to Internet Movie Database.

The R-version is clocked at 151 minutes with proper supervision from Lee himself by removing 7 minutes of over-the-top sex scenes as they called it.

But according to the Star, the so called Malaysian Black Men of Film - as Mob would call them, uses their scissors and black markers to remove another 3 minutes of film. 3 minutes of film is equivalent to about 4320 frames of film BTW.

Now, do you see that this is the slightest thing that makes movie lovers, crazed fans of movies to go for pirated videos? This is the main reason whereby people hate the censorship board. The pigs there would cut according to their old beliefs. Old convention beliefs. This will anger the new generation people of such mentality.

To the Domestic and Consumer Affairs Ministry...if you want to beat piracy in Malaysia, you need to pay more attention to this matter and placing enforcement / raids as second priority.

Don't make the mistake of pirates coming and bashing officers as in the Penang case.

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