Monday, September 24, 2007

Waning Trust in Malaysia's Judiciary

Sometimes I find it quite funny to hear some of the statements by the BN-loudmouth and de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz. Not only funny, but some statements by him reflected how unqualified he is to be the Minister in the PM's department.

For instance, Malaysiakini's news on the idiot says:

De facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said he issued a denial on behalf of the chief justice in relation to the explosive ‘Lingam tape’ revelations because “I am his minister”.

So, this clearly says that judiciary is depending on the government and it is no longer an independent body. This implies that our CJ is not as the kind of daring person that we expect from the other few judges that the rulers respect like Alauddin Sheriff. Chicken cowards

When I recalled the recent Lina Joy appeal that Ahmad Fairuz was one of them that rejected the appeal, I wondered whether it was due to the pressure from various quarters that would haunt him of the consequences of going against their wishes. Everyone says that the judiciary body is independent, but the revelation of the Lingam tape shows otherwise of the body being clinging onto the master that is the government.

And to say that the lawyers planning a march at the Palace of Justice this Wednesday as if behaving as the opposition means that the Gestapo Man of Padang Rengas is not looking at the other side of the story, thinking that it is foolish of them to commit such folly. But then, the Bolehland guys are in deep trouble. The truth is indeed out and if this thing is not stopped, then it means that they are likely to be out of the job if the Royal commission decides to step in.

They are trying to slow down by denying that thing. But the BAR council and the opposition are not convinced by that statement. Sounds unconvincing.

Sometimes some of the statements in related to this by the government has some hidden truths that some who could see through it would find it an attempt to get away from the mess that they created themselves. Given this current state of affairs, for example, if I am to sue the government for compensation of damages over something that I've lost so dearly for the last 5 years, chances are you might not win because the decision has been rigged!

It seems that they are too late already. Two memorandums are written at this time, one by Big Pete and the other one is by Haris Ibrahim - a fellow blogger and finally the proof by Anwar Ibrahim submitted over to the Rulers for their meet end of next month. Remember that in Article 150 of the constitution, the king has the right to remove AAB from office if there is proof beyond doubt that the government is not doing the job mandated by the people. So far, only 30 percent of what has been promised in the 2004 manifesto has been completed.

The complete commentary on the statement by BAR is at this URL:

Some people wish that Nazri should not continue his post as the Law Minister next term. I have to agree to that statement. This guy has been hurling insults at people in the recent parliament meet on 21 June with the immortal words...stupid, shut up, shut up..and etc. This guy is purely a example of perverted idiots who try to force their stupid words onto their people. If they are criticized, they will start making noises and excuses instead of understanding the faults.

A lot of people totally disagreed over his idea to charge Nurin's parents for negligence. His excuse is just, "The law is in place. We have to act" referring to the use of Child Act 2001. Seems like this guy is itching to use that against low-level people who are not in the goverment level of administration. Normal citizen average Joe like us.


I know there would be an invitation for the members of the public to come along with the lawyers in voicing the displeasure over the current judiciary crisis. I wonder what happen to my cousin-in-law who is also a lawyer if this crisis hits out on the fan. I wish I could go but work commitments prevented me from going out to share the spirit of displeasure against the people.

But I just hope that the episode there will not be a repeat of the Batu Burok thing.

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