Saturday, November 8, 2008

Double Victories: Pete Released, Anwar Passes First Test

I don't have much to say except to say that Pete's release from ISA detention and the sodomy case of Anwar doesn't need to be transferred to high court is something to be cheered by everyone. Of course I am happy to see Pete out in the box that is Kamunting for the first time in 55 days. And I was shocked of how Jerry's (Gus' buddy) Rolls Royce was used to give him a great send off from the court house.

The last time I saw Pete was a few days before he was arrested in September. It was just how a good moment of everyone meeting Pete at the Wharf can savour disparatted with the police coming in and arresting him.

And on Anwar, well the first obstacle has passed and I can only say keep on fighting.

But the credit is on the lawyers who argued well against the allegations levelled at the clients. Someone said of the Gani Patail suffering a double blow today when decisions of the court go against them. And let me caution you people out there, don't get carried away by two victories. I am simply worried that the people are made to believe that the signs of judiciary independence are starting. But is it really happening? Are sure it is now? You may never know that a leopard can never hide its spots.

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