Monday, November 10, 2008

Pembohong Yang Bernama Khalid Bakar

While we had drinks late night after the melee, someone managed to take a shot of the state police chief Khalid Bakar who was wearing a T-shirt. He was the one who ordered the arrest of MP Tony Pua. But the worst is of course the SBs and FRUs beating the hell up on citizens.

The SBs and FRUs were under orders to grab as many as they can whoever wears the yellow and the red shirt. I surmised that was why Gus of Fisherman's Wharf was caught as well. When I saw the list of the 23 released, he was under number 14.

Before I went to office, I checked some postings to see if there is any update on them. All except one were released at 7.30 and some would go to the Sessions Court house to here the Pete's Sedition Trial. I asked Gus whether he was released unconditionally or otherwise, since I was informed of them required to report back on the 24th.

Yes, no doubt, all of them are going to be charged under Police Act Section 27(5). But the one thing that they have in them is that the knowledge that the police acted outside the rules of engagement. In other words, Khalid gave the wrong order.

Later, at Malaysiakini, Khalid was quoted to say that 'dispersal of the crowd was not during the national anthem.'

He suggested that the vigilers had made this up.

When told that there was video evidence to back what the vigilers had alleged, his response was simply “I am denying it.”

The video which shot by commenter Peter is suffice to say that the police started the ruckus first. I was there. When the crowd is about to finish the last third of the National Anthem, the police started charging in.

If you charge in when people sing national anthem, you don't really belong here. You don't qualify to be a Malaysian.

Anytime, the video or the news of this Bloody Sunday could be sent by anyone to the international press. And there's going to be a hard time on damage control mode to be done by the government.

I've already mentioned of the point that the police is looking at the wrong end of the pole. It is either Syed Hamid or Wan Farid who orders the police to spy on the opposition with using resources like the police force. But who's pressing the buttons at that night? Najib? Botak intending to impress Najib? Or some rogue person...we'll find out soon.

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