Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Weekly PJ Anti-ISA Vigil

Despite the rain, roughly 200 managed (almost the same as last week) to show up at the vigil in front of the City Council office. Emceeing the event is councillor Richard Yeoh. He also repeated the conditions given by the police for the permit there and make one significant breakthrough announcement: the Vigil and the activity for people to express has caught the attention of Sultan of Selangor that his Majesty has given an aye towards the notion of another Hyde Park.

Apart from the usual crowd that includes bloggers, the special guests on this edition's vigil includes MPs Sivarasa (see above) and Dzukefly Ahmad with Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San. The PR has constantly reiterated of the forthwith to abolish ISA the moment they take over the government. Some are about to learn of what is happening tomorrow when those detained would be reporting to the police station. From hearsays, those from Penang who were caught were not required to come as what the IO said.

This round features a call to youngsters to show up and express themselves. There was a police car around the compound with some plain-clothes policemen there. The crowd was waiting with anticipation of the situation on the other side of town where GMI is supposedly throwing an anti-ISA campaign.

As usual, the event ends at 9.45 p.m with the singing of the national anthem. We were updated with news that the GMI was dispersed with the police given them 5 minutes. The traffic to Pandan Indah was bad with many roads sealed off by the police. But my constant believe is that the rain this evening means the wrath of God on the corrupt and the scum.

Star columnist Kee Thuan Chye. I complemented him for the March 8 book.

Professor Azmi Sharom

That's Vivec - the guy who's providing on the ground report on the P.P by-election

Apparently this series of vigils here have sparked the inspiration of throwing another one in Klang and in Ampang. So far, from this event alone, this event has been held in other states including Penang, Ipoh and Seremban. Klang and Ampang is about to start soon, but it depends on the help and effort of MPs and people there as well.

Update: According to Malaysiakini, there were three people arrested at the GMI event in Ampang. PAS man Mat Sabu was about to kick start the event when the FRU started moving in. Crowd was less than 100, Jalan Pandan was sealed off. See more on the link above.

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