Monday, November 3, 2008

Flip-Flopping In The Name Of Economy - Ref Malaysiakini

Abdullah Badawi has done another flip-flop again, but in the name of economy. And this time, Sabah is very pissed over the sudden U-Turn. According to Malaysiakini, the premier had u-turned a proposed 500 km gas pipeline project connecting Sabah to Sarawak in the name of reviewing mega projects given of the current economic slowdown.

I only counted on Abdullah keeping one last flip-flop particularly using it in the last days prior to handover to Najib in March. That's what I was thinking. But hey...Sabah is not happy since there expected project, now scrapped could offset their demand of 20 percent royalty per year.

You check the full text here.

I met blogger Bigdog when leaving office and I suggested him to write another post on Mr. Flip-flop since he tends to criticize Abdullah more than I do....:)

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