Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's The Paranoia!

I had the notion that the Royal Police Force is in the state of paranoia over the two latest matters.

Video Tampering

I have reviewed the Malaysiakini video that was shot on the night the vigil went wrong on the 9th. If you look properly at the two sections that were tampered with, I just have one or two hypothesis about why the video was tampered with. Especially the one part where there is a shot of the cupboard or so on.

My hypothesis / guessing would be:

1. A plain-clothes officer, or a commander or Khalid Bakar himself is terrified that what was caught on the video by Shukri in an accident that could be giving an embarassinng reputation individually or collectively that he was desperate in the need to make sure no concrete evidence is up if this material is used in court cases. But IMO, I have the feeling that SB who whacked assemblyman Lau Weng San could be the one. But who would be the officer that was the the insert shot in the car?

2. While reviewing the footage shot at the police division, the officers involved could accidentally splice those footage and overriding it into the existing footage.

Chances are, hypothesis #1 is likely the thing. But whoever did it was too foolish to fool the people. Well, as the saying goes, we're not born yesterday, right?

Anyhow, the conclusion is that the Selangor state police force will be accused by the people of doing another Gani Patail cliche, that is evidence tampering as what Anwar Ibrahim is accusing about.

GMI Permit Refusal

The next issue that shows police paranoia is the police refusal to issue a permit for the anti-ISA launch. Accoring to the Bernama, they have applied for the permit and the results was negative. ACP Jalil Hassan rejected the permit on grounds of public order disruption and noise congestion in the area. But then, was that taken into account that Unit Amal would be helping out together with the place held in the MPAJ hall?

Someone who stayed in the area claimed that many in the Pandan Indah are those who not really as educated as other people do and they drop the chips at the first sign of huge unusual activity there.

I spoke to some people asking them about the permit refusal and many had the opinion that there are some in the police force, particularly those who are responsible for permit issue think that given of the non-violence posed by them and a few other factors, that should be okay to issue a permit. Howver, many claimed that the fault lies from the top-level chain of command of the police (e.g Musa and those under the same hierachy). Allegedly, the top-level chain of command has given orders to refuse any permit outright for those not pro-government. Some like ACP Jalil have no choice but to follow or they could risk being transferred or demoted - despite the fact that it is in line with the moral grounds.

That day, I reproduced the translated version of the permit letter issued to Richard and the last half of the conditions shows the level of paranoia shown by the police against ordinary people who pose no harm to others. I am not surprised that many could not think far further ahead.

This are not only the cases that shows government paranoia on the people there are more and countless of it, well you can judge it for yourselves if you happen to see a news piece of the same scenario. Speaking of the GMI thing, there will be unnecessary arrests tonight, wasting of tax payers money by Khalid Bakar and his gang, BAR council lawyers called in, name it.

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