Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What A Coincidence!

Today, Subang MP Sivarasa hit back on state police chief Khalid Bakar who according to the Star said that 'what if every criminal that we confront sings the national anthem?'

Excerpt: (Malaysiakini)

“Such remark is uncalled for especially coming from a top official like him.

“We are all Malaysians and we have the rights to sing the national anthem and he should not equate the peaceful participants to criminals.

First of all, Khalid, use your head carefully. If I am a hardcore criminal, I would not be singing and instead, I'd run away with all my stamina to get away from the police. By indirectly calling people who sing national anthem as falls under criminals, it is saying those are lowlife. And of course, the word 'Taffer' means the Welsh slang for lowlife.

Picture this. If we did nothing wrong and branded as taffers by the police, the police rep takes the fall. Not the people. The cops. Musa Hassan has been scolded by the people, criticized by some leaders who take the action on the problems. I think he might not last that long lol. And don't try to say 'please take the law by your own hands' the next time people had to do so because you police IDIOTS ended up on the wrong end of the pole. This also goes to this Longkang deputy Minister by the name of Chor Chee Heung: don't say it if you have not seen the heat.

For all what Khalid Bakar had said, this guy is playing like a child. I cannot understand why Ronnie Liu, who was there was also arrested today because of the past year incident where he blocked a Subang Jaya municipal council raid.

Yes, Sunday and today was where PDRM had misused Selangor residents tax payers money for the wrong end. And we realized that Khalid Bakar is a filthy liar, childish and a filthy liar. What he said means that he has walked one step backwards.

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  1. Mel
    AIYAH! U da young man, I da old rady. I tell u what my mak told me.

    "We must be patient with slow people. They also can not help it. It is Fate. Either they were born that way or they had accident when baby"

    Now you ask yourself. What jobs can one do if one was born slow, have no ambitions but want to make a living?



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